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These Wild Asian Horror Collectibles Will Rip Your Wallet Apart!

My fellow horror collectors: after you’re finished with this article, you may find yourself compelled to pack your bags, ditch the family an fly straight to Asia for these to-die-for horror collectibles. Genre fans can now rejoice with some of these (probably) never-before-seen horror figures and toys that mash up Hollywood’s favorite horror icons and Asia’s own flavors of twisted cinema together.

For decades, we’ve seen several American remakes of Asian horror films — THE RING, THE GRUDGE, SHUTTER, THE EYE, PULSE, DARK WATER and THE UNINVITED, to name just a few — but rarely do we ever see horror collectibles spawned from these films. And I’m telling you, these horror toys are perhaps even sicker and more twisted than any American-Asian horror remake you’ve ever seen… and they are so dangerously tempting, you may find yourself parting with your hard-earned cash before you know what hit you!

Hello Kitty, Hello Chucky!

Japanese peeps are well known for having a distinctly the over-the-top take on horror, as you can see from films like BATTLE ROYALE, JU-ON (aka THE GRUDGE), and DEAD SUSHI. Accordingly, Japan’s horror collectibles are just as twistedly sick — or in this case, kawaii (which means “cute” in Japanese) would be more appropriate in describing this toy line: a perfect mashup of Japan’s beloved pop character Hello Kitty and America’s favorite killer doll. This collectible was only available at Universal Studios Japan during the Halloween season… so maybe you would consider spending your next Halloween trip there this year.

Bishoujo Statue Horror series by Kotobukiya

Looking for toys with benefits? You know what I mean, right? Kotobukiya’s voluptuous female versions of Chucky, Tiffany, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and many more genre characters are so seductively sexy, with all the precise human details and (ahem) a few physical enhancements.

These sculpts basically re-interpret some of our favorite cinematic killers through the familiar perspective of Japan’s distinctive “sexy manga” style, resulting in one dangerously hot collectible series horror fans would kill for, even as they find themselves strangely turned-on.

SAW Phone Accessories

I want to play a game…. in which I will just sit on your phone and stare at you all day long, judging everything you do, and every text you send. Let the game begin. Yes, Japan is behind this one too — taking a tiny version of James Wan’s creepy puppet character from the SAW films and perching him right on top of your phone.

The oddly awesome 3.5mm earphone jack plugs shown here come in three different styles: You can have Jigsaw staring you down from a seated position, or if you prefer him on his favorite red tricycle, they’ve got that variant too. They also come in a form of phone keychain, so you can play games with him anywhere and anytime you want — even in the dark (he glows, you see).


Another famous collectible toy designed and produced by the Japanese company MediCom Toy Incorporated is the Bearbrick (or Be@rbrick). The brand has been famously known for their teddy-bear-like figure that consists of nine plastic parts with movable joints and a cute little pot-belly.

These come in many different styles and designs, many based on various TV and movie characters — and they do have some pretty sick horror icons in there as well, including Jigsaw’s puppet and the pig mask from SAW, a HOSTEL killer, Chucky (shown above), GREMLINS, Jack Skellington, THE TERMINATOR, etc. Definitely another must-have for vinyl toy collectors.

Death Store

Now, let’s leave Japan behind and fly over to Thailand — a country which inspired such American movie remakes like SHUTTER, THE EYE, and 13 SINS. If you’re looking for something that will proudly represent your pride in horror and your obsession with gore, here’s a perfect gift (or gifts) for you.

Death Store has all you need in handmade extreme-gore accessories — from cell phone cases to handbags — and each and every product will have their own unique custom style. As you can see, they offer some of the goriest phone cases you will ever see in your life!

More good news: Death Store also ships internationally — so head over to their Facebook page or Instagram for all the gory details!


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