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Check Out the Twelve Creepiest (and Coolest) ReAction Horror Figures!

Towards the end of last year, Funko announced that the company ended its partnership with fellow collectible creators Super 7 in the creation of ReAction figures, leaving the latter to continue the line on its own. These smaller figures took stylistic inspiration from toys of the ’70s and ’80s, but covered a huge number of different movies and TV shows — including some of the biggest and best horror icons ever conjured. With the line at an end, let’s look back at the dirty dozen best horror ReAction figures from Funko!


ReAction added a variety of characters from GREMLINS to the line — including Billy, Bandit Gremlin, Cinema Gremlin and a few different versions of Gizmo — but Stripe stands heads (and Mohawks) about the rest! Between the crazy look and the chainsaw, Stripe’s ready to terrorize Kingston Falls until the sun comes up!


SCREAM might have gotten a bit of a face lift with the MTV series, but the classic Ghost Face mask and black robes still offer plenty of chills — as you can see in this figure celebrating Wes Craven & Kevin Williamson’s original vision.


Over the course of its seven-season run, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER introduced viewers to an army of one-off creepers and iconic Big Bads… but the ones that still stick with many of us are the silent, floating Gentlemen. For the full effect, grab a gaggle of these heart-stealing “Hush” boogeymen to terrorize your own little Sunnydale.


Mrs. Voorhees’ bouncing baby boy stands poised to make a big-screen comeback in the near future… but longtime horror fans will always have a soft spot in their hearts for the hockey-masked version seen in most of the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies. Throwing in a machete was a nice touch in completing this almost-cute action figure!


Michael Dougherty’s TRICK ‘R TREAT remains one of the better Halloween-set horror films in recent memory, thanks largely in part to its iconic star Sam. The bag-headed kid with the gnarly pumpkin lollipop even took on Brian Cox before entering the Horror Series of ReAction figures. Not bad for a relatively new kid on the horror block.


John Carpenter and company developed an incredibly simple yet iconic villain in Michael Myers when they made HALLOWEEN. A basic blue jumpsuit and spray-painted mask can be picked up just about anywhere… which makes it all the scarier! A huge knife — like the one this figure comes with — also raises the fear factor!


Whether angels or devils they be, Cenobites by their very nature give anyone they cross the willies. The most famous of the bunch, HELLRAISER star Pinhead, entered the ReAction line with punctured cranium and Puzzle Box!


One of the true icons of horror, Freddy Krueger still looks menacing even as a retro action figure. No matter the medium, the combination of that sweater, that face and that glove will always strike fear in our darkest nightmares.


A guy wielding a chainsaw, wearing a skin mask and spattered in blood would have been the furthest inspiration for a toy in decades past… but we’re living in unique times! Iconic TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE baddie Leatherface almost looks pleasant as a ReAction figure. Almost.


Whether you call it The Shark, Great White, Jaws or Bruce, Steven Spielberg’s menacing fish remains one of the biggest icons in the world of killer animal horror! So, while it’s great to collect Chief Brody, Hooper and Quint in figure form, it’s far better to grab the beast itself. By the way… yes, the JAWS Great White ReAction toy comes with a SCUBA air tank for Brody to blow up!


With all due respect to the rest of the ALIEN characters appearing in the ReAction line [and in deference to the late, great John Hurt], the creepiest of the bunch has to be the Chestburster Kane. Even in the retro style of these figures it stands as a reminder that the things inside of us just might explode through our chests and kill a whole bunch of our friends. (Other honorable mentions include the Facehugger Kane and the Ripley/Power Loader/Alien Queen 3-pack from ALIENS.)


Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, the Wolf Man and the Phantom Of The Opera remain eight of the most iconic monsters in horror history, thanks to their involvement in the Universal Monster movies. ReAction made all eight as color figures, which look poised to do anything from terrorizing villages to menacing Abbott and Costello!


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