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Watch the Latest Original CREEPYPASTA Video — A LITTLE NIGHTMARE!

We’re literally digging into the vaults of cinema history for our next original creepypasta short: specifically, the earliest days of experimental filmmaking, avant-garde art and the surrealist movement that reached a peak in the 1920s, thanks in part to the larger-than-life personalities of eccentric geniuses like Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel.

Among these pioneers of bizarre cinema was American artist Man Ray (formerly Emmanuel Radnitzky), another famed painter who experimented with motion pictures in the ’20s. Obsessed with depicting dreams and nightmares on film, Ray aspired to create a photographic work which could cause intense hallucinations, nightmares or even madness in the viewer.

Image Credit: Carl Van Vechten Collection

According to some sources, including Ray’s former creative partner and lover Alice Prin, the artist actually succeeded in this goal, thanks to a camera he invented himself, accompanied by a sonic device designed to accentuate the hallucinogenic effects of the visuals. The result was a single short film, UN PETIT CAUCHEMAR (“A Little Nightmare”), which was allegedly screened only once.


Just recently, an undisclosed source has come forward with what they claim to be a surviving print of UN PETIT CAUCHEMAR, including a companion audio reel containing the original recording of the sonic device which accompanied that notorious screening.

Check out our new video below to learn more about it… and witness what may be the most dangerous creation from an artist obsessed with capturing dreams and nightmares.