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You Will Not Believe Your Eyes Watching This Trailer To ANOTHER YETI A LOVE STORY: LIFE ON THE STREETS

Alright, gang. Every once in a while, a trailer comes into my inbox here at the BH web offices that defies my ability to even begin to predict what will transpire once I click play. With a title like ANOTHER YETI A LOVE STORY: LIFE ON THE STREETS, I tried to brace myself as I watched the originally pitched “red-band” trailer. It was… believe it or not, too much!

I encouraged the filmmakers to use the “red-band” for their official website, and let us debut the G.A. trailer. In this surreal and absurd revenge/action/horror comedy, Adam, a single father of a yeti baby, is dragged into the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles when his child is kidnapped by an Evil Pimp. Now, with the help of his two new friends, a heroin-addicted yeti prostitute and a sexy stripper, he must fight the forces of evil to save his baby and the world.

Yep, you read that all correctly! And if you think this seems like the sort of lunacy that could only be brought to you by Troma, Lloyd Kaufman makes a cameo here too! Brace yourselves and have a look below.

Believe it or not, this is actually a sequel! Here’s the backstory as we understand it. ANOTHER YETI A LOVE STORY: LIFE ON THE STREETS, directed by Adam Deyoe & Eric Gosselin from a script by Gosselin & Jim Martin, was spawned from the fervor the first film created. A few years after its release on Xfinity On Demand, YETI: A LOVE STORY blew up. It became huge on the Internet. Aside from the massive viewership On Demand, Troma had posted the first film on You Tube. In 2013, Reddit took up the cause and drew tons of viewers and die-hard fans, inspiring the filmmakers to make a sequel. The entire budget for ANOTHER YETI A LOVE STORY: LIFE ON THE STREETS was obtained via a successful Kickstarter Campaign. And now it’s ready to come at ya!

It’ll be available on iTunes, Amazon On Demand, Google Play, Youtube, Vudu, Microsoft and Playstation on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2017, just in time for all you hopeless romantics!

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