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Trick Or Treat Studios Preps CREEPSHOW Crate Monster Mask!

Masks are a thing I wish I had the space and money to actively collect. I have a handful displayed in my room from previous Halloweens; I’ve got a cool looking werewolf mask, a HALLOWEEN II-style Michael Myers (original series, of course) and a fun Misfits/Crimson Ghost-style skull mask. Back when I was barely a teen, I recall buying masks from HALLOWEEN 4 and LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III. I wish I held onto those! But alas, I didn’t.

Point being, for some horror fans, mask collecting is a big deal. And I applaud and envy you!

Here’s one that makes me want to start this collecting habit. Trick Or Treat Studios has announced a pre-order for their upcoming CREEPSHOW mask, based upon Fluffy The Crate Monster!


Based on the Tom Savini creature as it appeared in George Romero’s CREEPSHOW, this mask of “Fluffy” is officially licensed and sculpted by Justin Mabry, Trick Or Treat Studios’ VP of Art Direction. This mask will begin shipping in August/September of 2017, and go for $79.99. (Which is your average price for a high quality mask.)

Head over to Trick Or Treat Studios now, and explore some of their other masks, such as the CREEPSHOW Nate Mask!