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Samara Unleashed! TODAY Co-Host Natalie Morales Surprised In Perfectly Orchestrated RINGS Prank!

You can’t keep a good ghoul down! And if there’s one thing I love about THE RING franchise, both in Japan and here in the States, is that any time a new movie comes out, the marketing team never runs out of ways to incorporate Samara / Sadako into a well orchestrated prank!

Case in point, earlier this morning on TODAY, co-host Natalie Morales got quite a surprise in the middle of a segment about TSA regulations. As you’ll see below, looks like you can pack a curse.

RINGS opens in theaters February 3rd. You can watch a similar RINGS-themed prank from a TV store earlier this week right here. Oh, and the Japanese mash-up SADAKO VS KAYAKO is streaming exclusively on SHUDDER as of today!