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Have You Ever Heard Dickie Goodman’s MR. JAWS?

It’s amazing to me how much Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece JAWS has remained an indelible part of pop culture, even some 40 plus years after its original release! A few weeks back, we posted a story about a “Bath Bomb” called JAWSOME, which when dropped into a hot bath will turn your water ocean blue before emitting a burst of blood red! Pretty cool, and it was one of our most popular pieces that week.

So, we could probably find a way to talk about JAWS every single day. Hell, if you’re on Instagram, you should follow The Daily JAWS to get your daily JAWS fix. But here’s a fun novelty from the era of JAWS’ initial release that you may not be aware of.

On this week’s new episode of TWO DUDES TALKING, the podcast I co-host with fellow scribe Tony Giles, we discussed 45 singles! As big vinyl collectors and music lovers, we delved into our earliest recollections, discussing the releases that made the biggest impact on us from the hardcore/grunge era and much more. One of my earliest single recollections was Dickie Goodman’s “Mr. JAWS,” which Tony had never heard of!

Mr. JAWS was a parody record recorded and released in 1975, hot on the heels of the blockbuster success of the movie. In October of 1975, the single peaked at Number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100! It features Goodman trying to interview all of the main characters (including the shark) with them responding in song snippets. Really, you have to hear it for yourself.

Apparently, the album version had to re-record some of those hit singles and replace them with sound alike versions. But the following was news to me! In 1978, Dickie Goodman recorded a sequel single titled “Mrs. JAWS,” meant to coincide with the release of JAWS 2!

If you want to hear more like this, plus some rock, pop, hardcore and grunge favorites, check out the latest episode of TWO DUDES TALKING embedded below for your convenience!