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FRIGHT-RAGS Unveils Special Limited Edition VHS-Style TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Pack!

Here’s why I absolutely love a company like Fright-Rags. Rather than just putting out your traditional horror T-shirt, they’re always thinking of new and interesting ways to market and package their products. It could be employing unique, talented artists to do their interpretations of classic cult favorites, or it could be coming up with a nostalgic box set that features something like a vintage-style mask.

Fittingly enough, in honor of Tobe Hooper’s birthday today, they’ve unleashed their TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE “Video Series Collection” line. For every horror fan, there comes a point when they first discover the classic films. With TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, I distinctly remember the first version I was brave enough to purchase. And now, lo and behold, the cover of it is what’s featured on this box and shirt design. The highlight of the line is, of course, the video collectors’ box set.

It comes in a VHS-style package, replicating that original Video Treasures box. Also included is a collectible VHS sticker sheet, a bag of Fright-Rags popcorn, and the black variant of this T-shirt exclusive to this box set. Act fast, these are limited to 300 pieces only! The zippered hoodie (also pictured below) is already SOLD OUT! But you can click on the link and request a reprint.


Just want a shirt, or maybe the baseball tee version? No problem, both are also available directly from the Fright-Rags website here. Personally, I’m really digging that design on the blue shirt!


Don’t miss out on future Fright-Rags goodies! Be sure to bookmark their official website, “like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and on Instagram. I’m sure much like the Sawyer clan, they’re cooking up some other fun stuff for the rest of this year!