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5 Recent Horror Movies Now Streaming on Netflix


Over the past few weeks Netflix has procured a fine assortment of recent horror releases, including a few that are exclusive just to Netflix. Check out five stand-out titles below that are currently streaming.


One of the best international horror films of last year, UNDER THE SHADOW follows a mother and daughter in an empty apartment building during the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. While dealing with war horrors like missiles and an oppressive regime, the duo soon realize they are also being haunted by a paranormal being.



CLINICAL (2017)(Cover photo)

In this direct-to-Netflix horror movie, a psychiatrist experiences terrifying visions after witnessing the violent suicide of one of her patients. In hopes of aiding her own recovery, she takes on a new patient who was disfigured in an accident.



RATS (2016)

This documentary will make your skin crawl! Created by Morgan Spurlock (known for the documentary SUPERSIZE ME), this movie examines the role rats have played in world history as well as how they are still a part of our modern world. And if the four-legged vermin were not enough to make your skin crawl, the movie boasts lots of skin parasite action as well. For more info, check out our article on RATS here.




This direct-to-Netflix movie is rooted in science fiction, but also has some great horror tones. In a war-torn future, soldiers battle ghostly apparitions that kill with a single touch. The soldiers must find out if this unseen and unstoppable enemy was created by the opposition or is in fact paranormal.




This is a very polarizing movie. Even within the small group that I watched it with, we found ourselves arguing afterwards over whether the movie had a deeper message or was just a beautifully shot, but empty, homage to THE TWILIGHT ZONE. The film is highly stylized and takes place entirely on an elaborate set, a bus depot where several people are stranded because of a violent storm. One by one they experience seizures followed by bizarre changes.



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