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We Dare You to Watch This Man Feed a Room Full of Deadly Cobras

While I believe we’ve done our humble part in supplying enough horrifying spider stories to keep arachnophobes in therapy for a couple more years (how else is your psychiatrist going to pay for that new swimming pool?), I fear I’ve been remiss in balancing those out with sufficient nightmare fodder for ophidiophobes — that is, people with an intense fear of snakes.

So I decided to change all that (you’re welcome), and dig into the vaults for a little clip from a couple of years ago which has recently resurfaced on social media (thanks to sites like TheLADbible) to horrify all-new legions of viewers.

I’m referring to the footage below, originally uploaded by Terry Phillip on May 4, 2015 and subsequently picked up by YouTube channel ViralHog. The video, said to be shot at Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, South Dakota, depicts a snake handler (I’m assuming it’s Phillip himself) entering a room filled with drawer-like compartments.

Then, using a long-handled tongs, he begins plucking live rodents out of a crate, and… well, maybe you should just see for yourself:

“This video was to demonstrate that snakes are interesting all by themselves, without the need for my personality to accentuate them,” Phillip writes in the video description. “Also, to demonstrate what it looks like when an experienced professional works with dangerous species of snakes.”

Yes, “interesting” is one word you could use to describe what’s happening here… but I’m guessing you might have a few colorful words of your own.

Several of the specimens seen above — which Phillip says are mostly Asiatic Monocled Cobras — get a bit enthusiastic about dinnertime: pay attention at the 30-second mark, then again around 4:55, then at 6:20… oh, just watch the whole thing. I’m sure you’ll be fine.