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Composite Effects’ JACK THE RIPPER Mask Is Terrifying!

As of the last few years, one of the most amazing advances in the FX world is the way that silicone masks have become a viable alternative to the otherwise lengthy make-up application process. Companies like Composite Effects have created high quality masks that fully cover the head of the wearer and adapt with their facial expressions, meaning – you can actually “act” with these things on!

There are so many different examples of the different types of creatures, monsters or madman you can fully transform into with the help of a silicone mask, but for today, I wanted to focus specifically on this really creepy “Jack The Ripper” design. Below is a demonstration of how these masks look on the wearer.

Pretty freakin’ cool, right? Now, the rub is, these things don’t come cheap! The Jack The Ripper, for example, retails at about $569.95! These can also be customized, so if you wanted a clown version of Jack, or just some sort of design to better fit your movie, it might be to your film’s advantage.

They also offer half-masks – versions that don’t require covering your entire head. Below you’ll find a video of a customized Jack The Ripper made to look like a creepy clown, but as a face mask only. What’s cool is the silicone attaches itself to the wearer’s face in a way that still allows for flexibility and expression in the face. Check it out.

Be sure to “like” their official Facebook page right here. And you can explore and skim through dozens of other great masks via their official website Composite!