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Watch The Infamous Shower Scene From PSYCHO… With LEGOS!

When you hear the word PSYCHO, one image immediately comes to mind. Shower.

There’s probably no more notorious scene in horror, or even cinema history; whether you’ve seen PSYCHO or not, you know the “shower sequence.” Countless essays have been written about it. It’s been spoofed in everything from PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, to THE SIMPSONS, to Mel Brooks’ HIGH ANXIETY, and will probably continue to get spoofed. Hell, there’s even a documentary titled 78/52 coming out soon from Alexandre O. Philippe, the filmmaker behind THE PEOPLE VS. GEORGE LUCAS that solely focuses on the execution of the “shower scene.”

So what else can be said, done, or analyzed about it at this point? Well, bet you’ve never seen it fully reenacted with Legos before, have you?

Below is our gift to you!