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Check Out These Collectible Horror Pins From BUTCHOVISION!

Collectibles are the kryptonite of the nerd and geek kingdom, and perhaps in the crux of it all (save for the poor wallets of the comic book fans) are horror fanatics. You’ll be hard pressed to find any other area of cinema where collectibles are so widely made and available to purchase. For every movie that you love, it’s almost guaranteed to have a poster, a Mondo print, an Arrow blu ray collector’s release, and some incredible vinyl to accompany it. Action figures, POP! Vinyls, decals, stickers, the list is endless. Now, you can add one more “must have” to it.

Brandon Boudreaux at Butchovision is crafting together some of the most fascinating and creative enamel pins on the market, and not only are they fun and well made, they lend heavily to horror themed icons. As Brandon tells it, the name came about “because no one is stupid enough to steal that name.” When asked where he sees the company in a year, he replied “hopefully a lot further, if I don’t die.” It’s this subtle humor that bleeds into the product.

Favorites such as Freddy Kreuger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Ghostface and Sam litter the site in the forms of pins, t-shirts and stickers. The fun doesn’t stop there. Butchovision not only crafts top notch genre pins, they also like to find ways to intercross it with other popular and fun worlds of fiction. On the site, you’ll find numerous pins inspired by pop culture phenomenon THE SIMPSONS. Homer is often found wearing the Michael Myers mask while Bart and others don the masks of the slasher icons Ghostface and Jason.


Butchovision also does an excellent job at mining the horror well for more than just your standard affair front page horror stars too. For every Freddy and Leatherface, you can find merch with the faces of the SCOOBY DOO rogue’s gallery, Lon Chaney’s famously portrayed PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, THE STRANGERS and a plethora of others. A personal favorite is the footprint of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.


But wait! There’s more. If your nerd runs deep, you’ll find yourself in love with the myriad of cartoon properties and wrestlers represented. POWERPUFF GIRLS and DEXTER’S LABORATORY are stylistically crafted with unique art that is distinctly Butchovision. Using this same creativity, a handful of wrestlers are also represented with the same colorful flair.

The categories that this product is spread out across are enough to satiate the urges of any collector and horror fan. While the enamel pin game is deep and strong, the site continues to grow and develop more and more new appealing merchandise. A collectible toy set line already exists, as does a series of “Local Patch 31” patches, along with a myriad of genre-themed jewelry. Hell, Butchovision even has a version of the ever popular “mystery box” that buyers can get in on.

If you are a collector, a horror fan, a cartoon enthusiast or a wrestling mark, Butchovision has one of the largest and most expansive catalogues of pins on the market and it’s time to get in on it.