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The “PHANTASM COLLECTION” Arrives March 28th In 6-Disc Blu-Ray Set!

Great news, PHANTASM fans. Well Go USA, the company primarily responsible for releasing great Korean films such as THE WAILING and TRAIN TO BUSAN in America, are prepping a deluxe 6-disc Blu-Ray set of THE PHANTASM COLLECTION, due out March 28th!

Series creator and director Don Coscarelli is currently overseeing new bonus features for the 3rd and 4th entries in the franchise. And this set will include, both the remastered and fully restored version of the original PHANTASM, along with the recently released 5th and final segment in the series helmed by David Hartman! Not only that, but it’ll include the Scream Factory version of PHANTASM 2, which was loaded with its own special features.

Entertainment Weekly got the scoop, and Coscarelli revealed to them, We are currently in production on new bonus content bringing together cast and crew to look back and celebrate the Phantasm franchise including commentaries and new featurettes. I’m so excited to have all five films included in one box set!” 

This, of course, comes hot on the heels of Arrow Films UK-only box set announcement from last week. That one comes in a sphere package, with mostly the same discs (although they won’t have the features from PHANTASM 2 that the U.S. Scream Factory release offers), but it’s also Region B, meaning you’ll need a region free player if you want that version. PHANTASM fans have been debating which package to get since the announcement. Well, technically each if for a specific region, so get the one closest to you! Either way, it’s all the PHANTASM films together for the first time ever!