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You’ll Never Hear FAITH NO MORE’s “Epic” The Same After This Breakdown

One of my current favorite things is “The Session” on 95.5 KLOS here in Los Angeles, hosted by Christian James Hand and Mike Savage. It’s a weekly series in which Christian picks a classic song and breaks it down, instrument by instrument, and analyzes in both an educational and humorous way what makes the song work as well as it does.

Most recently, the duo picked Faith No More’s epic (pun intended) single “Epic.” If this is your first time listening, this is a pretty good representation of what they do, and do best! Once you hear the tracks isolated, and then brought back together – for example, hearing just the drums and bass together and seeing how great the rhythm section sounds, you’ll never hear the song the same way again! It’s about an hour, so carve out some time and check it out.

Once a month, Christian hosts live versions of these above sessions at the Swing House Studios in Los Angeles as The CJH Sessions. It’s about $15 bucks, but he picks two songs and spends about an hour on each, with a brief intermission between songs. Totally worth it. You can also find abbreviated song breakdowns on iTunes under “Christian Hand Song Breakdowns” or just click here to explore!

Header photo: (by Mick Hutson/Redferns)