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This JAWS “Bath Bomb” Will Turn Your Water Blue, Then Blood Red!

Here in Los Angeles, we’re fortunate enough to have a slew of horror-related shops all within the Valley. If you’re ever visiting town, be sure to walk up and down Magnolia Blvd in Burbank and you’ll stumble onto all sorts of spooky goodies.

Case in point, I popped into Dark Delicacies last week, and wrote about these wonderful HELLRAISER rubik’s cube boxes they had in stock. On another shelf, I found boxes of the following product created by the fine fiends over at Porcelain Wolf. These are going to drive you horror fans crazy. (And make you smell nice too!) Among the many bath novelties they create, they are offering these amazing, horror-inspired “Bath Bombs.”

Take the appropriately titled JAWSome for example. Drop this JAWS-inspired “bath bomb” into your hot tub and it’ll first turn your water ocean blue before eventually a burst of blood red emerges to re-color your bath water! (It even comes with a single “Life Saver” candy attached!)


Other fun ones? The “Cannibal” comes with a mini-mask of everyone’s favorite psychotic doctor, Hannibal Lecter! Mid way through the bath bombs’ disintegration, a little note will pop up in your water that reads “Hello Clarice.”

Want to see one of these in action? Have a look at the “slasher” bath bomb directly from their Instagram page:

?S l a s h e r – Bath Bomb? #porcelainwolf

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This next one is currently sold out, but hopefully they’ll be bringing back these TRICK ‘R TREAT inspired bath bombs soon!


The ARACHNOPHOBIA makes spider-like shapes when dispensed in bath water and eventually reveals plastic spiders at it’s center!

?A r a c h n o p h o b i a ???? #porcelainwolf

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Freddy Krueger fans? You’ll probably want to invest in “The Nightmare” bath bomb:

Introducing The Nightmare ????? #Porcelainwolf

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Want to hear the amazing thing? The majority of these retail for only $9 bucks. The only one that’s a tad bit more expensive is the “Prom Night” design and that’s because it comes in a pig blood bucket ala CARRIE. (It’s $10 bucks.)


What’s the full scoop on Porcelain Wolf? It’s the brain child of Vanessa James and Shannon Soria. The goal? Making a fun product that smells heavenly, is great for the skin, but most importantly gives a nod to the horror classics they grew up loving.

You can order most of the above directly through their website at Porcelain For those of you that live in the Los Angeles area, be sure to head over to Dark Delicacies located at 3512 W. Magnolia Blvd in Burbank to pick these up in person. Keep tabs on Porcelain Wolf via their official Instagram page.