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Gruesome Footage Shows a Giant Wasp Preying on a Huntsman Spider

Yay Australia! You never, ever disappoint us when it comes to giant, horrific creepy-crawly creatures that bite, sting, squeeze, leap on and generally terrorize other species… including Homo sapiens, of course.

Infamous among that continent’s local fauna is the huntsman spider — one of the most aggressive and venomous arachnids in the world — which we’ve documented in several features and news articles [for example, this couple’s dinner was interrupted by a huntsman dragging a dead lizard up their window]. Its venom is non-lethal to humans, but that doesn’t make it any less horrifying to anyone with even the slightest touch of arachnophobia.

But occasionally the huntsman becomes the hunted — as revealed in this grisly and skin-crawling video from, in which a massive spider wasp can be seen dragging one across someone’s kitchen floor.

The unnamed camera operator tries to get his lens as close to this grim spectacle as possible (nearly getting himself stung in the process), and follows the enormous wasp as it drags its victim through the kitchen, into the bathroom… and straight up the tile wall.

If you know anything about the spider wasp (species Poecilopompilus), you’ll deduce this spider is probably not dead, but paralyzed by the powerful neurotoxin in the insect’s sting… and that usually means a fate worse than death for the unlucky arachnid, whose body will serve as host for the wasp’s eggs.

You can probably figure out what happens when they hatch (refer to the ALIEN movies for a hint), but if you decide to research the reproductive traits of Poecilopompilus, be prepared for some scream-yourself-awake nightmares.


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