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10 Horror Films Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has some great horror films available for streaming this month including a handful of recent ones that made our 2016 “top 10” lists. Check out 10 fascinating horror films currently on Amazon Prime below.

THE WITCH (2015)


For many horror fans, Blumhouse staff included, THE WITCH was one of their top horror pics from last year. The movie looks at a rural, homesteader family that is terrorized by a witch living in the nearby forest.


GOZU (2003)


Looking for something extreme? Look no further. GOZU is a lesser-known film by Takashi Miike (same intense gent that made AUDITION and VISITOR Q). This one feels slightly lower budget but still completely disturbing as the plot weaves between strange, unexplained atrocities and a disjointed story about a young man looking for his Yakuza brother.




One of Dario Argento’s best films, the movie feels like a classic giallo slasher, but also brings in psychic powers and the supernatural. Jennifer Connolly plays a young girl at a Swiss Boarding School which is the haunting ground for a deranged serial killer. Plus, the Goblin score kicks so much ass!




Also released in 2016, THE NEON DEMON was quite polarizing with horror fans either completely loving it or really disliking it. The movie features a cavalcade of stars in quirky roles as it examines a young girl new to Hollywood and trying to navigate the fashion modeling industry.


THE BURBS (1989)


This was one of my favorite films from my childhood, and it has aged beautifully, still just as hilarious and enjoyable as I remember it. Tom Hanks lives in the standard suburban neighborhood.  All seems peaceful until the Koplek’s move in next door. Gawd, I wish Hanks would return to comedies. I need more than just David S. Pumpkins.



This movie was caught up in a studio bankruptcy/sale and because of this got a severely delayed release, not becoming available in the United States until 2013. So MANDY LANE never got the love it really deserved. Amber Heard stars as Mandy Lane, a rather shy girl who becomes the focus of all the boys in her school.


THE THAW (2009)


I looked over this title multiple times gathering that it was low-budget, b-grade horror. I actually really enjoyed the movie and thought the creature effects were great! A team of scientists in the Artic find the remains of a Wooly Mammoth, now exposed by the melting glacier. While examining the mammoth, the scientists become victim to a very old, unstoppable parasite formerly trapped in the ice.




I don’t recommend STREET TRASH for everyone. It is bleak, gooey, dirty, sleazy, vulgar, and also pretty fun. If you have a sick sense of humor, this strange little 80s gem may delight you like it does me. In a derelict neighborhood of Brooklyn, a liquor store owner finds a long-forgotten case of “Tenefly Viper” liquor which becomes a hit with the local homeless population because of the low price, but also causes them to melt into an oozing hyper-color mess.




This tense Australian flick focuses on a group of young adults who venture out into the mangrove swamps on a fishing expedition. After their boat capsizes, they are forced into a tree, and stalked by a massive hungry crocodile.




Many people argue that this isn’t a horror film. Well, it scared the hell out of me. Another definite movie gem from last year, GREEN ROOM follows an indie punk band held captive by a group of Skinheads.