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Chile Releases Shocking Never-Before-Seen UFO Footage, Experts Baffled

After being withheld from the public eye for two years, a strange and unsettling UFO video shot by the Chilean Navy has finally been released to the media… but despite extensive analysis by numerous experts, the subject of this mysterious footage remains unexplained.

Clocking in at just over nine minutes, the video shown below was captured by cameras mounted on a Navy helicopter on November 11, 2014, during a coastal patrol near Santiago, Chile. Crew aboard the helicopter observed an unidentified object which seemed to be matching their velocity and altitude.

The video appears to show an elongated oval with two circular hot-spots, which read as dark patches when the video switches to infrared. The object then seems to eject a super-hot plume of some kind, which experts claim could be either liquid or gas.

Image Credit: CEFAA
Image Credit: CEFAA via YouTube

The crew checked in with traffic controllers to determine if they could get a fix on the UFO, but neither ground-based or onboard radar could detect the object, and there was no authorized craft reported in that region of airspace. Eventually the object disappeared into the clouds, and they were unable to locate it again.

Over the past two years, the video was thoroughly examined by the CEFAA — a division of the Chilean government incorporating specialists from many branches of science, aviation and military intelligence, all assigned to investigating “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.”

Image Credit: CEFAA
Image Credit: CEFAA via YouTube

Despite intense study by digital image analysts, astrophysicists, aerospace engineers, meteorologists and many other highly-skilled experts — all of whom were given access to all the available data — none have been able to reach a consensus.

Covering the story for The Huffington Post, investigative reporter Leslie Kean contacted several members of the CEFAA’s investigating body who worked on the case, and she shares their findings and comments on the site. As you can imagine, UFO enthusiasts are now digging into the footage in search of answers, and new theories are already buzzing around the interwebs. But at present, no reliable source knows exactly what the holy hell this thing might be… or, perhaps more importantly, where it came from.