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SADAKO VS KAYAKO (THE RING VS THE GRUDGE) Debuts On Shudder 1/26! New Trailer!

This is it! Here in America, we’ve been patiently awaiting the showdown between two of Japan’s most iconic horror villains. That’s right, SADAKO VS KAYAKO! And I know you’ve been waiting patiently too because every time we’ve posted about it (here and here), we immediately saw a huge enthusiastic response.

The film opened overseas last summer and was a huge hit. Now, finally, we can see it here in the States on January 26th as that is when it’ll debut on streaming service Shudder! Shudder is available as an added on app via Amazon Prime for $4.99 a month. (That’s how I get it! Easy and convenient!)

In honor of the locked date, Shudder has provided our friends at Vulture with a brand new trailer. Check that out below!