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School’s In Session! Mick Garris Interviews Joe Dante For POST MORTEM!

I love filmmaker interviews. But they’re even better when it’s one friend and colleague from the horror genre chatting with another. No one does it better than Mick Garris, the creator of the “Masters Of Horror” series, and director behind several Stephen King adaptations, and most recently on television shows such as DEAD OF SUMMER, RAVENSWOOD and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.

No doubt, if you’ve perused You Tube looking for interviews with some of the “masters,” you’ve probably come across his interview show on the Z Channel. The Criterion release of VIDEODROME has a great discussion with David Cronenberg, John Carpenter and John Landis from that time period which is legendary.

He later continued the interview show format with POST MORTEM, which originally debuted on FEARnet. His chats with directors such as William Friedkin, Wes Craven and actor Robert Englund are among the best they’ve ever given. All of this content has been preserved and cataloged over at

And now the tradition continues as he’s just posted a brand new episode of POST MORTEM with Joe Dante!

The duo sit down during their trip to the Morbido Film Festival in Puebla, Mexico to discuss everything from Dante’s humble beginnings as an aspiring cartoonist, to cutting trailers for Roger Corman, to tackling the werewolf genre in his groundbreaking feature THE HOWLING and what it was like dealing with the little puppets in his universally celebrated Christmas classic GREMLINS! Plus, much, much more. Kick back, relax and learn a little something from the masters!

If you’re looking for more, head on over to and skim through a lot of the great video content there. There’s also an official Facebook page for Mick Garris Interviews right here!