The 13th Floor

Watch the Latest Original CREEPYPASTA Video — THE BOOK

As you may recall, when we posted our second creepypasta video THE MESSAGE last week [be sure to check it out if you missed it], I promised you there would be more of these videos coming in 2017… and while most folks think I’m a little weird, they have to admit I do keep my promises.


For our latest video offering, we present a short film based on an extremely disturbing series of posts from the early days of 4chan, in which three short video files appeared to reveal the final moments of an unknown intruder upon the grounds of the long-destroyed Benton Funeral Home in New Orleans, Louisiana.


No description was provided with the clips, and speculation ran rampant until a set of follow-up posts surfaced on the same board in 2007. These didn’t reveal entirely what happened in the earlier footage, but the attached images and video suggest the unidentified explorer met a particularly horrific fate in the narrow crawlspace beneath the Benton House.

Ready for the full story? Turn down the lights, hook up your headphones and watch our new creepypasta video THE BOOK!