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12 Predictions from Blind Clairvoyant Baba Vanga for Next Year & Beyond

We’ve heard of Nostradamus, the 14th century French seer who predicted everything from Hitler to the death of John F. Kennedy Jr, but have you heard of Baba Vanga? She was a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant who racked up more than her fair share of predictions. Born in 1911, she lived to the age of 85-years-old, dying in 1996.

So how good was she? She predicted the attacks of September 11th, 2001. Now here are a few predictions we have to look forward to in the future according to Baba Vanga.

Barack Obama

Not only had Baba predicted that our 44th president would be African American, she also predicted that he would be our last. According to her prediction, the country would enter economic and social upheaval and be on the brink of civil war.


Baba predicted that somewhere around 2018, China will become a major world power. Around this time the Earth’s orbit will also alter slightly. Although not very noticeable at first, it will become quite apparent later.

The Polar Ice Caps

The seer predicted that in 2045 the polar ice caps would be completely melted.


A year after the ice caps completely melt, Baba states that human organs will be clone-able. Since we will be basically underwater, let’s hope we can clone gills.


A New Disease

According to Baba, those new organs are going to come in handy in 2088 when a new rapid aging disease infects most of the planet.

Underwater Living

It looks like living under a flooded Earth won’t be that big a concern for too long. According to Baba by 2130, we will learn to live underwater with the help of aliens.


Although a great deal of Baba Vanga’s predictions seem to be incredibly bleak, it is reassuring to know that hunger will be completely eradicated by 2025.

The Capital of Isis

Before Isis was even a thing, Baba predicted the Islamic caliphate would establish a home in Europe, declaring Rome as its capital.

US Attacked by Europe

In keeping with her prediction of an Islamic takeover in Europe, Baba predicted that this new caliphate in Europe would eventually invade the United states in 2066.


Not sure how this works out, but by 2076 Europe will be completely taken over by communism which eventually infiltrates the rest of the world.


Apparently this reemergence of communism will cause colonies on Mars to seek their independence from Earth. They’ll probably get their way considering, according to Baba, colonies on Mars will eventually become a major nuclear power by 2170.

So Long and Farewell

By 3797, the party will be all over. Baba predicts the Earth’s demise will be that year.


Future Hope

Those of you a little bummed by these revelations and planning to stick around for a couple of thousands of years need not worry. It seems that long before this occurs, humans will already know how to travel to new star systems where they will establish a new home. I’m hoping that it’s going to be just like FIREFLY.

So there you have it- our future laid out before us by a blind seer. I just wish seers would start predicting happier events like cookie dough flavored ice cream cones or powdered vodka.