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Eerie Facebook Image Allegedly Shows a Winged “Demon” Walking the Streets

It all started with a single image post from Facebook user Richard Christianson in Phoenix, Arizona… captioned only with this question:

“What the hell do you see in this picture… for reals? Anybody?”

Since that post, which popped up on New Year’s Day (and apparently has since been removed), all of Facebook exploded with theories about the nightmarish being allegedly depicted in the blurry, heavily-pixilated image — which has been shared nearly 100,000 times as of this writing. The viral explosion led Fox 5 Atlanta to initially pick up the story, and major news outlets are starting to circulate the image as well.

Image Credit: Richard Christianson via Facebook
Image Credit: Richard Christianson via Facebook

Needless to say, certain details in the image — namely the massive “wings” and bumps that look like horns atop the creature’s head — have thousands of commenters claiming that the photo depicts a demon walking the earth, while others have insisted it’s actually an angel. There’s a definite apocalyptic tone to a lot of these comments, as you can probably imagine.

We’re reserving judgment on this one until more solid evidence comes in, and I suspect that wait will be in vain. Or not… if you think you know, drop some info on us!