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VIDEO: A Look At Horror Laserdisc Collectibles!

No matter what the format, if you’re a horror fan, you’ve no doubt picked up your favorite films in every conceivable format that’s come along. I bet you bought the VHS, the newer collectible VHS, probably a 3rd VHS, then a Laserdisc, then a DVD, then the extended cut DVD of John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN. Am I right? I freakin’ bought every one that hit the market! Same goes for EVIL DEAD and several other notable classics.

Right now, Blu-Ray seems to be the preferred format of the physical media collector. But what about those older formats? Did you hang on to all your previous versions of these movies? Personally, I never had a Laserdisc Player. That one completely passed me by, but it doesn’t mean I don’t own quite a couple of cool horror classics on Laserdisc! And that’s what this video is all about. Have a look as I show off a few Lasers that feature some of my favorite cover art, and pull out another relic or two from a previous home video release.

What about you guys? Show off your goodies in the comments below! Do you still have some cool Laserdiscs you’ve hung on to? Or perhaps some of the oddities that have come with old VHS tapes? Show ’em if ya got ’em!