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Can You Face the Horror That is 2016: THE MOVIE?

Yeah, I know… 2016, right? Just a few days left and this year is still finding new ways to kick us all in our metaphorical gonads. At least it’s been a damn fine year for horror cinema… and that’s no accident, either. We create imaginary monsters to better arm us for battling the real ones. After all, if life gives you demons — make demonade!

Friend Dog Studios — the comedy trio of Brian Huther, Ben Auxier, and Seth Macchi — pretty much took that idea and turbo-charged it, channeling all the hideousness we endured over the past year into a mock horror trailer that just might help you wring out some of that pent-up angst.


2016: THE MOVIE taps into the gut reactions we’ve all been having every time a celebrity name begins trending in our news feed: “It’s like things you’d never expect are happening everywhere… terrible things,” the mock-movie’s characters whisper in fearful tones, as they wait in terror for 2016 to find another victim.

Don’t worry, it’s really funny… at least if you don’t think about it too much.