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You’d Better Watch Out, or Santa and Krampus Will Make You Their CHRISTMAS B***H!

At this point, not only have horror fans totally embraced the infamous Germanic holiday demon known as Krampus [thanks in part to eye-opening articles like these, thank you very much], but popular culture has also managed to catch up with the Krampus Kraze… but in the process, the monstrous hell-spawned punisher of naughty children might have lost some of his edge.

Or maybe not… at least not if filmmaker Anthony Cousins (director of the body-horror short WHEN SUSURRUS STIRS) has anything to say about it.


No doubt tired of the endless parade of cutesy TV and internet ads depicting loveable old Kris Kringle doing various Kringly things, Cousins imagined what might happen if St. Nick’s “bad cop” partner stepped into one of those commercials and… well, took care of business, in his own unique and gleefully sadistic way.


So, on behalf of Cousins and his team, as well as all of us here at Blumhouse, allow us to wish you a wonderfully horrific holiday…

…or, more precisely: MERRY CHRISTMAS, BITCH!


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