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IT’s Monster-Maker Unveils the New Pennywise in Full Daylight!

In case you missed it, director Andrés Muschietti — who’s tackling the mammoth big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT — had been dropping some creepy and fascinating visual hints via his own Instagram account over the past few months, and his first batch of posts included snapshots of locations, storyboards and props [you can see some prime examples here].

As of today, the film’s creature designer, Oscar-winning FX maestro Tom Woodruff, Jr., has joined in the fun with some Instagram revelations of his own… and the first one’s a creeper for sure.

Not since August — when Entertainment Weekly dropped the first full-length portrait of Bill Skarsgård as the Pennywise the clown — have we seen any further images of King’s most horrifying and memorable villain in his newest incarnation. That all changed today when Woodruff sprung this image on us:

Editor’s Note: The studio has contacted us saying the photo on Instragram is an unauthorized, unreleased image…we will update if we hear more. 

Yup, that’s Pennywise stalking the fields of Derry, Maine in full daylight.

Expect a lot more visual revelations like these between now and September 8, when the first of IT’s two feature-length chapters hits theaters!