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Gift Guide: Our Holiday Horror Vinyl Recommendations!

‘Tis that time of year again! It’s the holidays! And while most of us are celebrating in our own unique ways, more than likely by marathoning Christmas horror films, we are living in glorious times when it comes to soundtrack releases.

In fact, if you’re having trouble figuring out a good gift for the horror lover in your family, might we suggest one of the following “holiday horror” vinyl releases. Below you’ll find my picks in video form!

For those of you that just want the bullet points from the above video, here we go!

CHRISTMAS EVIL (Don Christensen, Joel Harris*, Julia Heyward)

This one came out in December of 2014 courtesy of Death Waltz Recordings. It was initially sold (along with SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT) for a special Los Angeles double feature screening of both films at the Egyptian Theater, and later, limited copies became available online. While the Mondo site (which now distributes Death Waltz) has them listed as sold out, you can find used copies floating around As of this writing, they range anywhere from $15-30 bucks.

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT (Perry Botkin, Morgan Ames)

This double LP set gets my strongest recommendation! The first album features the complete score by Perry Botkin, while the second record is a batch of original Christmas songs, written by Morgan Ames, specifically for the movie! And they’re great, great holiday pop songs! This is another Death Waltz original that’s long sold out, but again, copies can be found on Discogs. If you want the music digitally, you can find it all on iTunes. The second LP of Christmas songs is only $5.99 on iTunes!

GREMLINS (Original Issue, Various Artists, Jerry Goldsmith)

The original release for Joe Dante’s 1984 creature classic was a “mini-album.” It featured pop/rock songs from the actual movie on Side A, while Side B has a few cues culled from Jerry Goldsmith’s score. There’s not a whole lot of music on this album, but you can still find used copies of it on Discogs for fairly cheap.

GREMLINS (Mondo Edition, Jerry Goldsmith)

Low and behold, after all these years, we finally did get Jerry Goldsmith’s complete GREMLINS score on vinyl courtesy of the fine fiends at Death Waltz Recordings and Mondo. Sadly, the limited edition double LP sold out almost instantly. But have faith, collectors! Do a Google Search for GREMLINS Mondo Vinyl” and various options should come up. It looks like Deep Discount DVD has ’em, as does Sound Stage Direct. (Even the dreaded eBay.) However, it’s going to cost you somewhere between $40-80 bucks!

KRAMPUS (Douglas Pipes)

’tis the season, as we said previously, and a new annual horror tradition has to be viewings of Michael Dougherty’s KRAMPUS! Encoring from his fantastic score to TRICK ‘R TREAT, Douglas Pipes provides the music for KRAMPUS, and the cool cats over at Waxwork Records still have plenty of copies in stock on candy cane swirl vinyl, as a double LP set! This sucker will run you $35 and you can buy it direct from Waxwork Records here, but once you see the fantastic packaging and hear the music, you’ll know it was worth it!


Easily one of the most unsettling things you can spin this holiday season is the score to Bob Clark’s immortal classic BLACK CHRISTMAS! It’s unique in that the music is continuous on Side A and Side B, and sounds slightly off. I like to think that we’re hearing these classic holiday carols through the slightly perverted point of view of the film’s killer Billy. This one’s also still available direct from Waxwork Records for $27 bucks.

SCROOGED (Various Artists)

This one isn’t horror, but it’s just for fun! SCROOGED is not only my favorite Christmas movie, it’s a mandatory watch on Christmas Eve and an annual tradition for me. So why not spin the soundtrack while you’re at it too, and spread those Bill Murray-esque vibes? You can find plenty of copies of this one on for a couple of dollars. Worth it alone for “Put A Little Love In Your Heart!”