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Exclusive Clip! Rob Zombie On The Casting Process For 31!

Whether you love or don’t love the films of Rob Zombie, you have to admit he’s truly an artist with his own unique voice and aesthetic. And beyond the movies themselves, I’m always personally captivated when he discusses his creative process in interviews or behind-the-scenes featurettes. I mean, the docs on the making-of both THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and HALLOWEEN are terrific films on their own!

But now, hot on the heels of his latest feature 31, we’re got a little something special for you. Below is an exclusive clip straight from the bonus features of the Blu-Ray release. In it, we get a glimpse at the casting process behind 31 and how sometimes, synchronicity plays a bit part in how a movie successfully comes together. Check it out!

Rob Zombie’s 31 arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD this Tuesday, December 20th via Lionsgate. For those of you that subscribe to Shudder, it’s streaming there now for subscribers!



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