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The Terrifying Tale of the Crosley Monster of Indiana

For decades, when it came to sasquatches stealing headlines, Bigfoot has always been the first name in wood ape lore. However, not all blurry bipedal gorillas hail from the Pacific Northwest. There is, of course, the Yeti or Abominable Snowman in the Alps, the Mande Burung of India, and the Crosley Monster of Indiana. That’s right, Indiana has its own sasquatch!

The earliest Crosley reports (that I found) date all the way back to July of 2006 when four boys camping in the woods came across something they were not expecting. They set up their camp near a fishing pond in Crosley. They continued to fish well into the evening. That’s when they heard the sound of something moving in the woods behind them. Expecting to see a curious deer, the boys turned around to see a large pair of glowing red eyes peering at them through the leaves.


The eyes were like saucers floating eight feet off the ground. They hung there, motionless. One of the boys worked up the courage to slowly reach for his flashlight. He turned on the light and shined on the creature. The sight of the beast was so intense that the boy dropped his flashlight to the ground the second he saw it. Once more in darkness, the monster became violent. It began shaking the trees around it as it grunted in anger. In that brief moment the creature was lit, they could see that they were being stalked by a giant beast covered from head to toe in dirty matted hair. His deep red eyes now tight and narrow in anger, were nearly offset by a mouth filled with sharp, bright yellow teeth.

The boys were frozen in fear as the creature worked itself into a frenzy. Suddenly the beast lunged forward. The boys gathered their sense and ran into the woods. The giant dropped down on all fours as it gave chase. The woods ended at a main road with a cornfield across the street. Once at the road, all four boys turned abruptly and continued their race towards their car, parked a few hundred yards away on the side of the road. As they continued their run, one of the boys turned around to see the beast cross the road and disappear into the corn field on the other side.

A few weeks later, another boy hunting squirrels in the same area reported his own strange encounter. While deep in the woods, the boy heard a rustling sound in the thick undergrowth. Thinking it was a squirrel, he slowly raised his shotgun and waited for the tiny creature to reveal itself. As he waited for something to emerge from the thick branches and leaves, the rustling grew more intense. Then suddenly it began to encircle the boy. Even though he still couldn’t see it, he could tell by its movements that it was fast and big.

The boy spun in place with his shotgun still up to his shoulder and his hands shaking in fear. That’s when the creature showed itself. It was what has become known as the Crosley Monster. It stood upright as it emerged from the woods then dropped down to all fours and began to encircle the boy once more. This time he could see the dirty matted fur that covered the beast from head to toe. He could see its wrinkled simian face and red eyes. However, its manner was playful. It threw leaves in the air as it happily bounced about the woods. Unsure of what the creature had planned for him, the boy ran into the woods.

The boy made it to safety, but by all accounts the Crosley monster still stalks the Indiana woods.