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The Slenderman Saga Continues in These Chilling Spinoff Tales

With HBO’s new documentary feature BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN arriving next month [watch the interactive trailer here], the most infamous figure in the creepypasta canon has taken yet another long-legged step into the world of popular culture… but unless you’ve been a regular reader and/or contributor in the creepypasta community, you may not know how many new tales and legends have been inspired by this faceless figure of unfathomable evil.

While Slender has become the subject of countless memes, tributes, fan-art interpretations and feature films such as ALWAYS WATCHING (itself an extension of the popular web series MARBLE HORNETS), we must remember that his origins [as I explain in this article] are rather humble: as with so many creepypastas and spooky memes, his saga began as a contribution on a popular image forum — with very little backstory — and grew organically into a subculture of its own.

Naturally, since most of the creepypasta landscape is comprised of creative mythmaking and legend-building, numerous authors and artists have expanded the Slenderman universe with more elaborate stories and accounts of their experiences with this elusive paranormal nemesis. I’ve selected five of the creepiest — submitted and chosen by fans across social media, and curated at, the Creepypasta Wiki and more — to seriously enhance your nightmares.

Click on the title of each entry to read the full tale. But remember: he’s still watching…


The Blank Face

A young woman is awakened from a sound sleep on a cold winter night, and finds herself overcome by a vague but growing feeling of unease… the sensation that someone or something is lurking outside her front door.

Unable to return to sleep, she begins her morning routine, hoping the feeling will go away. Not only does it remain, but the tingling sensation of an unseen presence continues to intensify, until she can no longer resist the urge to take a peek through the peephole… and that nagging feeling is confirmed beyond her wildest nightmares.

But the horrific encounter that follows is only the beginning…


Follow the Leader

This story dates back to September of 1988, when a young boy named Chris, eager to make new friends, joins other neighborhood kids for a game of “Follow the Leader.” This was one of Chris’s favorite games… but when a boy named Ricky began to lead him and the other children into a nearby forest, it suddenly wasn’t such a fun game anymore.

Passing through the dense woods, they came upon a small playground, and at first Chris was filled with relief. But while he entertained himself on the slide and swings, he began to notice that Ricky and the other kids were gravitating toward a large oak tree, around a tall, long-limbed man whose face he couldn’t quite see.

By the time Chris realized who was really the “leader” in this game, it was already too late to escape…



One of the most inventive and controversial Slenderman tales intertwines the mythical monster with the fate of a real-life fiend. Set during the fall of Nazi Germany, the story recreates the final minutes in the life of Adolf Hitler… but with a shocking twist.

His finger already on the trigger of the pistol which would soon end his life, Hitler saw a vision… the specter of a man he’d never seen before, but whose name he somehow knew: Der Großmann — The Tall Man. It spoke to him in a multitude of voices simultaneously — for it was Legion. The one and many have a secret to share with him… and with you.

Once you’ve read this one, check out some chilling historical background on Der Großmann at the Creepypasta Wiki.


Tall, Thin and Faceless

This man’s story begins as so many creepypastas do, with a possibly unreliable narrator: in this case, a man tormented by apparent madness. But he insists that he was once not only sane, but healthy and happy, with a loving family. That all changed, he claims, when he and his wife took a long-planned vacation in the UK.

In a quaint rural town, the narrator met an old tailor, from whom he decided to purchase a handmade suit. During the fitting, he observed several photographs on the walls, depicting clients sporting their finely-tailored clothes… but one of them struck him as odd. Standing alone in a field, the subject was unnaturally tall and thin, and his facial features were obscured.

The tailor declined to comment on the subject, and the narrator soon forgot about it… that is until several weeks later, after he and his wife returned to the US. That’s when the nightmares began — when the faceless man came calling.


Slenderman Doesn’t Exist

You should know by now that anyone in a creepypasta who makes the declaration “Slenderman isn’t real” is probably in for a rude awakening… but the real twist of this tale is in the details.

“I don’t lie,” states the narrator, who says her name is Raksha Keller. She also insists that Slenderman is not a myth — much to the consternation of her friends, her ex-fiancé, and her psychiatrist. Thanks to her obsession, Raksha soon finds herself alone in the world, abandoned by everyone she once loved, wandering the rain-slicked streets of Seattle.

That’s where he finds her… or rather, she finds him. Luckily, Raksha keeps a large, very sharp kitchen knife in her handbag…


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