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The Original UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Makes its Streaming Debut Soon!

Nearly three decades after it first premiered on network TV, one of the most chilling true-crime TV series ever made is about to debut on digital streaming services.

The show’s current distributor FilmRise announced today that original episodes of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES will be available soon via digital streaming platforms. The announcement did not specify which services will carry the show, but they did reveal that the vintage episodes will become available later this month.

The Emmy-nominated series premiered on NBC in 1987, and during its successful 20-year run (during which it later migrated to CBS), it both fascinated and horrified viewers with a combination of creepy music, frightening crime reenactments, and last but not least, the ominous and commanding presence of host and narrator Robert Stack.

“UNSOLVED MYSTERIES has a long history of finding new audiences and we’re thrilled that the series is being given yet another life by FilmRise,” said Terry Dunn Meurer, one of the show’s executive producers. “We know the series will expand even further with their help and expertise.”

If you’ve yet to be exposed to the eerie appeal of this classic series — or if you remember being traumatized by it, and need to prepare your nerves for its return — check out our feature on the show’s all-time creepiest cases!


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