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Exclusive Music Video Debut: KITTY IN A CASKET’s “Deep Black Underground”

The marriage between horror short films and heavy, rockin’ music is much akin to a match made in heaven… err… or more appropriately hell. So, we’re always game when a filmmaker teams up with a band to deliver a music video that doubles as an ambitious horror short.

Below you’ll find the exclusive debut music video for “Deep Black Underground” by Austrian punkĀ“n`roll act KITTY IN A CASKET off of their brand new album “Kiss & Hell.” The clip was directed, shot and edited by Stephen Shea, the filmmaker behind the feature HOODOO FOR VOODOO, the impressive festival horror short 2:22 and one of the associate producers on Anthony DiBlasi’s Netflix Instant sleeper hit LAST SHIFT.


Regarding the actual shoot which took place here in Los Angeles, lead singer Kitty Casket said, “Shooting this video was a very unique experience for me. Not only was it the first time we shot a video on another continent, but also it is the first with professional actors. Steven and his team definitely know what they are doing and in addition, they were so welcoming and awesome, which made shooting so very easy. The only sour note was, that it seemed really easy for my bandmates to drop me off at the filming studio without being a little concerned, as we only knew a name and address at that time. I mean, I could have been kidnapped or something, luckily Steven and the whole crew were very welcoming and really not planning on kidnapping me. Haha, I guess my boys just really needed to go do their laundry…”

Without further ado, here’s the premiere of “Deep Black Underground” by Kitty In A Casket!

The music video you just watched was produced by Abyssmal Entertainment, and starred Rachel Lynn David, Austin Brooke, Tara Dane, Brian C. Chenworth, Alfonso Caballero and Constantin Preda. For more on KITTY IN A CASKET, including tour dates and new album info, be sure to hit up their official website. You can find them on Facebook right here.