The 13th Floor

The Abandoned Haunted School of Louisiana

George Washington Carver High School opened in Caddo Parish, Louisiana in 1957. During the years of segregation, it served as a school for the Parish’s small African American community. During this time, the school struggled with low numbers. After desegregation, the numbers dropped even more as students were bused to segregated schools farther away. By 1973 , the attendance numbers were so low the school finally closed its doors. For nearly a decade it sat empty. In 1981, it briefly served as a Baptist Christian College. When the college closed in 1985 the school was once again an abandoned shell, and that’s how it has remained to this day. However, to say that it is completely empty wouldn’t be entirely accurate there has been a few residents that date all the way back to the school’s earlier days.


As an African American school operating during segregation, the school existed during a turbulent and extremely violent time. Although never officially reported rumors of children being abducted on their way to school, and in some cases abducted while in school, were common place. There was also a rumor that a small fire at the school killed several students, although there are no new reports that corroborate this. However, when the school finally did close, these rumors grew into urban legends.

Now empty, the school became a mausoleum for the restless spirits who walked the halls. Local teens who dared to enter reported hearing the occasional student opening and closing their locker. Some would hear the footsteps of children going to class, their combined conversations filling the halls with a deafening din of noise, then vanishing suddenly. On more than a few occasions, witnesses claimed to see children, dressed in clothing form the 1950’s, walking into classrooms, only to look inside those classrooms and see no one.


The satanic graffiti that adorns nearly every wall has only added to the local belief that there is something evil and very sinister going on behind the walls of this abandoned school. A spray painted grim reaper adorns a wall once occupied by a row of lockers, long since removed for scrap metal, now serves as a warning to those who enter. Other spray painted signs like “666” and “Hail Satan” lead wanderers down to the boiler room where the greatest concentration of “spiritual activity” seems to be housed. One rumor that persists is that a janitor disappeared under unknown circumstances and still resides down there. While the school was still functioning, students would dare each other to go down to the boiler room, some of them never returning.


Although, these are all just rumors, it’s easy to see how these sinister tales have attached themselves to the desolate school. It’s crumbling walls and collapsed ceilings are enough to conjure up images of ghosts and demons. However, it also serves as a historic reminder of the institutionalized racism that was segregation.