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How to Play the Terrifying Game “Don’t Look Behind You”

When I was a kid, we used to play a slumber party game called “Don’t Look Behind You”. The game has forever haunted me. The terror brought on from the power of suggestion during the game (or possibly the demon) has frightened me well into my adulthood. I’ll also state that I have seen multiple variations on this game (including ones that are more like flashlight freeze tag). But this is the way we played it…

Players: 2 -3 people whom you know well and trust

Equipment: a flashlight and a candle

The Space: You will need a large room, but a location known for hauntings, supernatural occurrences, or general bad mojo will yield much better results. If nothing else, a basement will be fine.

How to play:

  • In a large room, place 2-3 chairs in a straight line with an arm’s length distance between them, all facing the same direction. Chairs should be in the center of the room allowing for plenty of space behind you. If your room is small, then place the chairs directly in front of a wall leaving the majority of the space behind you for the candle/demon/summoning.
  • At least five feet behind the chairs, place the candle and light it. The chairs should face away from the candle. For the sake of fire safety, do NOT set the candle on the floor. Find a small table or something. Only light one single flame. Multiple candles can make the demons angry and confused. The candle needs to be at least five feet away from the chairs so they are not fully illuminated by the candlelight. The chairs should be in mostly darkness.
  • All but one of the players should stand in front of the chairs.
  • The final player should turn out all of the lights in the room, and then use the flashlight to find their way back to his or her chair. Remain standing.
  • Now turn off the flashlight so the only light in the room is the single candle behind you. While standing in the total darkness in front of your chairs, the leader says “All spirits and demons, we invite you into this space. You must stay within the light of the candle feeling its warmth. We will not gaze upon you. Grant us to ask 10 questions, and then return to your realm leaving us in peace.
  • At this point, all players take their seats and in unison count backwards from #10 aloud to give the demon a moment to enter the space. Do not shout or laugh.
  • After counting down to #1, you may now ask the demon ten questions. One person may ask all the questions or you may take turns. You may not fully hear the answers at first as demons and spirits often speak in whispers, so you must listen VERY carefully. Ask the questions slowly, and pause in between each question to give time for an answer.


  • You must not laugh! Take the game seriously or it will anger the demon, and he will attack.
  • You must not turn on your flashlight until after the 10 questions are up. Otherwise, you have broken the rules, and the demon will be able to stay in your house.
  • And the most important rule- no matter what you hear or how scared you may get- DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU! Looking directly at the demon could allow it to possess you. Do not look behind you no matter what!
  • Sometimes the demons may try to get close to you, moving around under your chair or even breathing on your neck. DO NOT LOOK BEHIND YOU!
  • For your own safety, do not play by yourself. Always have a second person.

After you have asked all 10 questions, politely ask the demon to leave. Then count backwards from 10 to 1 again giving the demon a moment to exit the space. At this point, you can turn on the flashlight, turn on the main lights, and blow out the candle. You MUST blow out the candle, otherwise the demon may hang around.

But no matter what, while playing this game- don’t look behind you!