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Giant Spider Drags a Lizard Up a Living Room Window… and Horrifies the Entire World

Remember that story we ran back in October showing a Huntsman spider dragging a mouse up the side of a refrigerator? If you’re still having nightmares from that one, then turn back now, and read no further.

Still with me? Okay, then let’s go back to Australia — that magical land where all your animal-based nightmares are born — to find another humongous Huntsman grabbing an equally oversized snack: in this case, a cute little gecko, which found itself trapped in the arachnid’s web. (How many of you are imagining the GEICO mascot screaming in horror right now?)

Image Credit: Melanie Jade Ottaway
Image Credit: Melanie Jade Ottaway via Facebook

That web happened to be in plain view from the table where Melanie Jade Ottaway of Beerwah, Queensland and her partner Troy Jade had just sat down to dinner Sunday evening. The couple witnessed the entire gruesome spectacle through the glass of the sliding door leading to their backyard.

Image Credit: Melanie Jade Ottaway
Image Credit: Melanie Jade Ottaway via Facebook

Ottaway also managed to capture photos and video of the eight-legged predator (which she estimated at around five inches across, not including its legs) and its four-legged victim. Over the past couple of days the footage has made “Spidy Girl” something of a social media celebrity, even making a few local TV appearances as major news outlets continue to pick up the story.

The arachnid tenant still lives in the same spot, and Ottaway told Queensland’s 7 Local News Sunshine Coast she’s hoping the spider will have babies soon:

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