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First Details On CHANNEL ZERO Season 2!

Earlier this week, we debuted the latest episode of the Shock Waves podcast, which featured very special guests Nick Antosca and Harley Peyton, two of the driving creative forces behind Syfy’s surprise hit horror mini-series CHANNEL ZERO: CANDLE COVE.

If you’re already a fan, it’s definitely worth a listen, if anything for the insight behind how the show came to be, but also some of the fun horror related trivia that came out of the discussion, including the origins of the “tooth child” and how he also appeared in Antosca’s previous show HANNIBAL! (Embedded below for your convenience!)

If you loved CHANNEL ZERO: CANDLE COVE, then you’ll no doubt be excited to learn that the second season has already wrapped production and is currently in post. What’s interesting about this particular series is that each season has been under the helm of one director. So, for season one, which tackled the infamous CANDLE COVE “creepypasta,” Craig William Macneill, who was the filmmaker behind SpectreVision’s 2015 release THE BOY directed all 6 episodes. Now, season two is adapting the NoEnd House “creepypasta” with UNCLE JOHN director Steven Piet steering the ship.

During the hour long chat on Shock Waves, we got a few details regarding what we can expect from CHANNEL ZERO: NO END HOUSE, starting with how each respective filmmaker fits their particular season.

“The material guides the (director) choice, and then the director takes it further,” explained Antosca. “Season 1 was always supposed to be a restrained, kind of pastoral, chilling, dread-filled, nightmare-ish thing, and THE BOY, Craig’s film, is the perfect credit for it. Also, it takes place in the 80’s, it has a fantastic child performance, there’s nobody that I wanted more than Craig. It was perfect.”

“Season 2, without going into too much detail about it, Steven’s film UNCLE JOHN, which I highly recommend, is not a horror film. It’s really hard to describe in terms of what it is, because it’s part young person/millennial mumblecore romance? He would hate me for saying that. But it kind of has that vibe of two young people coming together and it has very naturalistic performances with a handheld captured feel. And then at the same time, it’s a story about this older guy in a small town who has committed a murder and it’s a suspense/thriller. And those two stories interact in a way that is really unusual. I haven’t seen it in another film. It has a voice. The film says something about the world, it has a perspective. And I really respected and admired that. It’s also a beautifully visual film, and a well edited film. It’s a huge plus if the director’s have editing experience. So, Steven’s UNCLE JOHN (currently streaming on Netflix Instant) is perfect for Seasons 2. You’ll understand when you see it.”


But what about the plot of Season 2? Personally, I’m unfamiliar with the story of NoEnd House, but Greg wrote about it in his “creepypasta” column earlier this year. Here’s how Antosca described it on Shock Waves.

“It’s based on “NoEnd House” by Brian Russell, which is another popular viral creepypasta. NoEnd House is a haunted house in the sense of it (being) a haunted fun house. It’s a series of rooms, each one is scarier than the last. And if you make it through all the rooms, you win a prize. I don’t want to give away the twist of Brian’s story, go online and read it. We just took that basic core concept, and built a world around it. I would describe the vibe of Season 2 as IT FOLLOWS meets SOLARIS. It’s very different from Season 1. It has the same principles behind it. The same horror atmosphere of dread. Thematically, it’s connected to Season 1 in that it deals with some of the same themes. They were written in the same writer’s room at the same time. You will feel Steven’s voice and our intention to tell a different story.”

When might we get this new season? “It was originally scheduled to air in October for Halloween, but nothing is set,” says Antosca. “So it may air earlier.”

We’ll keep you posted on when an air date for CHANNEL ZERO: NO-END HOUSE is set. In the meantime, be sure to check out the first teaser trailer below!


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