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The Story Behind the Movie BORDERLAND: The Real Occult Drug Cartel of Mexico

Zev Berman’s 2007 horror film BORDERLAND is the story of three college friends who travel down to Mexico. Once there, they are kidnapped by a drug cartel that isn’t interested in holding them for ransom. It turns out this cartel has a penchant for human sacrifices and a love for all things Satan. You never really think about the religious beliefs of drug cartels, but there’s something about a Narco-Satanists that gives them a little bit more of an intimidation factor. The idea may be frightening, but the fact that they do exist should scare the hell out of you.


Adolfo Constanzo was born in on November 1, 1962 in Miami, Florida. His mother was a fifteen-year-old Cuban immigrant. She would go on to have three more children by three different men. She and her children moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico after her first husband died. There Adolfo served as an altar boy in the Catholic church, but soon traveled to Haiti with his mother where he learned about Voodoo. In 1972, Adolfo’s stepfather died leaving his mother with enough money to move them back to Miami. There Adolfo was introduced to Palo Mayombe, a religion that requires animal sacrifice. His mother remarried to a man who was a member of that religion and also a drug dealer. Before graduating high school, Adolfo and his mother racked up several arrests for theft and vandalism.

After graduating High School and being kicked out of prep school, Adolfo moved to Mexico City where he met Martin Quintana, Jorge Montes, and Omar Orea. These three would eventually become Adolfo’s followers. In the beginning, Adolfo made his money providing spells for rich drug lords, and his rituals would involve sacrifices in the form of chickens or goats, but on occasion he had been known to sacrifice zebras or lion cubs. Adolfo found himself attracting members of Mexico’s more affluent high society. He also attracted corrupt law officers who ended up introducing him to Mexico City’s most powerful drug cartels.

Eventually his sacrifices would escalate to human, at first using dug up cadavers from the local graveyard, but quickly moving up to the living variety. Adolfo believed that his magic was so powerful that he could use it to protect himself in the drug game. He demanded to become a full business partner with a cartel known as the Calzadas. The Calzadas refused, but quickly regretted it when seven family members went missing. Their bodies later turned up missing fingers, toes, ears, brains, and one of them was even missing his spine. Adolfo’s gang offered the same deal to the Hernandez brothers who gladly accepted it. Adolfo then took his gang of cult members to Rancho Santa Elena where they could sell drugs and enjoy sacrificing in peace.

On March 13, 1989, American pre-med student Mark Kilroy crossed paths with a few of Adolfo’s men. Mark was on spring break in Matamoros, Mexico when friends reported him missing. A search was conducted on both sides of the border, but neither turned up anything.

It wasn’t until Searfin Hernandez blew through a check point causing a high-speed chase back to Adolfo’s home that the authorities found out what happened to Mark. Once at the ranch, Searfin was arrested with 250 pounds of marijuana in his car. During the police interrogation, it came out that Mark and many others were murdered, their bodies were buried somewhere on the grounds of the ranch. A search of the home and area uncovered multiple shallow graves. One of them was the mutilated remains of Mark Kilroy. All the victims’ bodies carried the telltale signs of having been sacrificed. Mark was killed by a machete to the back to the head, and his brain was removed. Inside the home, they found a cauldron containing a black cat and a human brain. The police found fifteen bodies in total.


Hearing that the police were onto them, Adolfo and his followers fled to Mexico City just before the raid. There they held up in an apartment building until deciding to open fire with a machine gun on a police officer responding to call in the building that had nothing to do with Adolfo. Back up quickly arrived, and Adolfo and his men found themselves completely surrounded. Not ready to surrender, Adolfo ordered one of his men to shoot him, which he did. When police finally made their way into the apartment, they found Adolfo Constanza dead at the age of 26 killed on his own orders by one of his own men.