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Gift Guide: COFFEE CUP MASSACRE Mugs Are Here To Wow and Offend!

If there’s 2 things I love on this God forsaken mud-ball called Earth, it’s horror movies and coffee! So, the prospect of combining both, and just in time for the holiday season, seems like a match made in err… hell?

That’s exactly what artist Kevin Klemm did when he launched his new line of collectible mugs via COFFEE CUP MASSACRE!

Coffee Cup Massacre developed out of necessity,” explains Klemm. “I have maybe two cool coffee cups in my cupboard, and that’s like having just two cool t-shirts in your closet.  Not acceptable!  So I started searching the internet for my kind of coffee cups; coffee cups that straddled the line between funny and bad taste, cups that would offend the co-worker with the Hello Kitty cup, something cool I could use during my favorite holidays. But you know what? There’s nothing! Google Christmas Coffee Cup and you see a Merry Christmas Cup featuring Ziggy!  Are you serious?  Fucking Ziggy?  Is that comic still around even? What about Krampus, the Christmas Demon?  I would much rather have a coffee cup with 19th Century Krampus art on it than fucking Ziggy!”

“So out of frustration I decided I was going to do it myself.” Klemm decided to recruit artist Lou Rusconi, a fellow Hyaena Gallery artist, to fully realize some of his off-kilter coffee mug designs. “I told him I wanted to have one side of the cup say “I Hate Mondays” and the other side of the cup would have Lou’s artistic interpretation of that famous execution photo from the Vietnam war.  And that became our first cup.”

One of my personal favorites has to be the mash-up of two Bob Clark holiday classics BLACK CHRISTMAS and A CHRISTMAS STORY, appropriately titled BLACK CHRISTMAS STORY with the tagline, “Shooting his eye out is the LEAST of his worries.” And for those of you that love literary horror, the COFFEE CUP MASSACRE also pays tribute to H.P. Lovecraft and his most famous creation Cthulhu!

Besides Rusconi, other artists that have contributed one of a kind mug designs for the line include Kat Philbin (her piece is below), Nicolas Caesar, Jeremy Cross and Robert Heckman.

“Nothing is sacred to us,” Klemm assures us. “We poke fun at Jim Jones and the Guyana Kool Aid Massacre with the cup ‘Drink Coffee, Not Kool Aid.’ One side features Jim Jones and the other features art from Nik Caesar showing the Jim Jones Kool Aid Man.”

Here’s one that’s destined to ruffle some feathers. “Our most controversial cup (and our most popular) is Lou Rusconi’s Trump piece ‘Grab ’em by the Pussy.’ We took Lou’s art and turned it into a Donald J. Trump Commemorative Coffee Cup. One side is the Presidential Seal and the other side of the cup is Lou’s Grab ’em by the Pussy art.  With this cup, I wanted to show the dichotomy of a President, for better or for worse.”
“So if you like to color outside the lines of life, check us out. Your coffee won’t necessarily taste better in one of our cups, but it sure will look better!”You can find all of these above mugs at the official website for Coffee Cup Massacre! And if you act fast, all orders are 10 percent off today only for Cyber Monday!

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