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This Video Call Allegedly Ends in a Woman’s Terrifying “Possession”

Over the past year, there’s been a noticeable worldwide viral surge in news stories about demonic possession or similar phenomena — from a wave of unexplained hysteria among Malaysian students, to an unidentified woman frightening bus passengers in Argentina with her horrifying behavior, to a fatal attempted exorcism in a German hotel. We’re not sure why these types of headlines seem to be catching fire on social media lately, but we’re hoping for a pattern to emerge soon.

The latest viral clip making the rounds purports to depict the possible demonic possession of a young woman in the neighborhood of San Cayetano in Aguascalientes, Mexico, after she can be seen collapsing into a strange kind of paralysis during a video chat with her boyfriend.

The video — originally recorded in July — starts innocuously enough, with the woman casually grabbing a snack while she talks, entering her bedroom and continuing the conversation lying down… but at the 01:18 mark, events quickly take a bizarre turn.

Image Credit: La Carrilla Del JJ Oficial/YouTube

Seemingly going rigid in a kind of seizure, the woman drops the phone, which continues to record her convulsions as her hands curl up like claws. After a few seconds of this, the bedroom door can be seen slamming on its own, which causes the woman to snap out of the paralyzed state, running out of the room screaming… and those screams can then be heard transforming into deep, monstrous roars.

As of this writing, the clip has racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and has been copied and re-shared by several other users. Most viewers believe the video to be an easily-executed hoax… but regardless, it makes for intensely creepy viewing.