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Blumhouse Staff Does the “Mannequin Challenge” — With Horrifying Results

If you’ve been following some of the latest variations on the “Mannequin Challenge” via social media lately, as a horror fan you might have wondered about the potentially scary applications for that kind of stunt… after all, the very concept of mannequins can be horrifying in itself, and the creepy frozen-in-time effect of these viral videos is pretty nightmarish.

But hey, we’re Blumhouse, folks… and we’re all about keeping it scary. So we decided to take it to the next level.

To promote the impending premiere of INCARNATE — the latest release from Blumhouse Tilt — our entire office was briefly transformed into a bullet-time house of horrors, and the results were… well, let’s just say things got a bit bloody.

The video is making the rounds on our Facebook and Instagram accounts… but in case you haven’t caught it yet, you can watch the whole thing below:

INCARNATE hits theaters nationwide on December 2. Check out the latest trailer:


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