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Watch the First Chilling Teaser for CHANNEL ZERO Season 2: NO END HOUSE!

Back in September, we shared a particularly chilling creepypasta tale known as “NoEnd House,” originally created by author Brian Russell. At the time, we were excited (and a bit spooked) to discover SyFy’s creepypasta-based series CHANNEL ZERO had chosen that very tale for their second season.


Now, less than a day after the conclusion of Season 1 (based on another infamous viral legend, “Candle Cove” which we’ve discussed at length before), SyFy has launched a blood-curdling trailer for this new viral legend — which involves a mysterious contest in which the chosen “guests” must pass through a series of increasingly horrifying rooms to earn a sizable reward. As you can imagine, there’s also a very heavy price for failure.

Check it out:

The exact premiere date for NO END HOUSE has not yet been announced, but we do know shooting has already wrapped and it will likely air in early 2017 — so expect more details very soon.

Stay tuned… and we mean that literally.