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These SCARY Window Decal Faces SHOULD Discourage High Beam Usage!

Have you ever been on the road and have some jerk just rev and ride up your ass, then start flashing their high beams at you? What’s the rush?!

Well, apparently this scenario happens all too often in China, and one company has come up with a fairly reasonable solution. How ’bout we scare the shit out of these impatient and pushy drivers?


Drivers have been buying these amazing window decals that feature the faces of creepy apparitions that only become visible whenever someone flashes their high beams at you. Needless to say, the authorities fear that these will only cause accidents and hence, they’re fining anyone that uses them.


Despite the threat of a ticket, these suckers are selling like hot cakes, and retail for somewhere in the range of $3-18 bucks. Not bad!


Beijing police are saying while it’s not illegal to feature window decals on your car, you accept full responsibility for causing potential automobile accidents and putting people in harm by displaying these particular “scary” ones. Hey, you shouldn’t ride up someone’s butt with high beams in the first place!

Check out the many variations currently on the market below!





Source: Dangerous Minds via Geekologie