The 13th Floor

Students Discover the Ultimate Horror After Opening a File Labeled “TEETH”

The following account was submitted to the Creepypasta Wiki by an unnamed user, who identifies himself only as a student at a small art college in an unknown city (the spelling suggests UK or Canadian origin). Despite the title, teeth.jpg may not contain a “Tooth Child” like SyFy’s creepypasta series CHANNEL ZERO, but it does contain a uniquely human monster… which makes it all the more horrifying.

The events recounted by the author allegedly occurred in 2011, during his early years at the college, where he pursued a passion for drawing and illustration. He shared adjoining rooms with a few other aspiring artists — including designer Josh, filmmaker Lilly and photographer Daniel. The group soon became friends, linked by strong imaginations and creative ambitions.

At the beginning of their second Fall term, the friends shared stories about how they spent their summer break; most of these were uneventful… until Daniel told them of his own experiences.

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“I spent my time at the dentist,” Daniel said nonchalantly. You see, his father was in the medical profession, and often let Daniel explore the hospital where he worked. The dental facilities seemed to hold a strange fascination for Daniel, who loved “to touch and feel teeth.”

His friends were taken aback at first by this, but soon chalked it up to Daniel’s surreal sensibilities, which were reflected in his often-disturbing photographs.

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Little did the others know that something had changed in Daniel during his time away from school.

It began with a cold, distant demeanor, then escalated to outright hostility toward his friends, whom he suddenly avoided, locking himself in his room for long periods, refusing to accompany the others to any of their usual hangouts.

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During one of those nights out, Lilly declined the others’ invitation and decided to check up on Daniel. The others returned very late… and didn’t realize until the next morning that both Lilly and Daniel were missing.

The author tried Daniel’s room, fully expecting it to be locked as usual… but found the door slightly ajar. Inside, Daniel’s wallet was still on his desk — though his keys and jacket were gone — and his laptop was still open and running, filling the room with an eerie blue-white glow.

Taking a closer look, the author found a USB drive still plugged into the computer, and two files on the desktop: One was labeled “Dentist Photos,” and the other was a single image file — teeth.jpg.

Image Credit: Danilo Andjus

He decided to open that one image file… and instantly regretted it.

What he saw may have been digitally manipulated, like many of Daniel’s creepy “experimental” projects… but something about it triggered a deep, dark fear within the narrator, which suggested to him that the image before him was taken from life, and not just from the artist’s imagination. He also knew in his gut that this thing wasn’t human… or, at least, not anymore.

The original image has never been disclosed, but artists have attempted to recreate teeth.jpg from the author’s description:


The author quickly copied the horrific file to his own keychain drive, then quickly retreated to his room, intending to share what he’d found with the others. Later that evening, Daniel could be heard quietly returning to his room… but Lilly was still missing.

He told Josh what he’d found, then plugged in his drive to reveal the image he’d copied from Daniel’s laptop. After stammering in apparent shock for several seconds, Josh finally managed to blurt out a harsh whisper: “What the fuck is that thing?”

After they both tried to come to terms with the image, and what it might reveal about Daniel’s state of mind, they simultaneously came to the same sudden realization: Lilly was still missing… and the last time they’d seen her, she had told them she was going to check on Daniel.

Almost in response to their next unspoken question, the muffled ringtone of Lilly’s phone could be heard through the thin dormitory wall. Neither the author nor Josh had thought to check Lilly’s room.

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Like Daniel’s, the door to Lilly’s room was unlocked… and her phone was on her bed, lodged half under a pillow and silent now. Josh was reaching for the phone when it suddenly rang again, making them both jump.

Reluctantly, he reached for it again… and saw the ID for Lilly’s girlfriend. He picked it up and pressed the answer button, and the young woman’s voice began before he could even say hello.

When he finally identified himself, Lilly’s girlfriend revealed the terror in her voice. Josh put the phone in speaker mode so both of them could hear.

“She hasn’t spoken to me since last night,” Lilly’s girlfriend said. “I thought she was just playing a joke on me, but now I don’t know.” She went on to describe a strange voicemail that Lilly had left her at roughly 1:30 am… a message which contained only two whispered words: “Help me.”

Image Credit: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

After a few minutes of chaotic conversation, they finally realized it was best to hang up and try searching for Lilly, promising to report back her girlfriend as soon as they learned anything. They looked at each other and knew what they had to do: they had to confront Daniel about Lilly’s disappearance, and find out if he had anything to do with it.

They found Daniel on a couch in the dorm’s study area that night, poring over a textbook.

“We have to talk about Lilly,” the author told him, cautiously approaching.

“Why?” Daniel asked, in apparent surprise. “Is something wrong?”

“We’re not sure. We were hoping you knew.”

“All I know is she left her phone here last night,” Daniel replied.

It took a moment for that to sink in: how did Daniel know Lilly had left her phone in his room… unless she’d left with him? 

When they raised this question, Daniel became visibly apprehensive, jumping up from the sofa and storming toward the stairwell, muttering something about having an important project to finish that night.

Image Credit: Tone Birkenes

Apparently, he’d been so flustered he forgot to take his book bag with him. After hesitating for a fearful moment, they decided to take a peek inside.

Josh stood watch near the stairwell while the author unzipped the pack, quickly examining the contents while trying not to disturb them. At first, nothing seemed out of the ordinary… until he came upon what appeared to be some kind of ticket, and a plastic file folder. He quickly passed the folder to Josh and returned the bag to its original condition, then stuffed the ticket in his pocket.

Later, in Josh’s room, they nervously examined what they’d found.

The folder’s front cover bore only one word: TEETH.

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Inside was a collection of photographs, most of which showed the interior of an antiquated dentist’s office, including vintage-era tools of the trade… along with graphic images of dental surgery and other procedures.

Then they found a photograph that made them gasp in unison: it was a portrait of Lilly. She was smiling.

They flipped further through the collection… and found photo after photo of Lilly, all the poses and angles slightly different, but with the same bright smile on their friend’s face.

Image Credit: iStock/acinquantadue

Nothing about this would have seemed troubling, if not for the notes hand-written on some of the images: circles drawn around specific teeth, and notes on the margins containing single words like “REMOVE” or “REPLACE.”

They began to tremble in fear, wondering what kind of mind they were dealing with and what might have happened to Lilly.

That’s when the author remembered the ticket.

He took the crumpled paper from his pocket. It read:


LOCATION: Station Road

TIME/DATE: 28/09/2011 11:34PM

That date and time corresponded to the previous night… and Station Road was about an hour’s drive away, in a remote and mostly abandoned rural area. Despite their fears, the friends knew they had to investigate, and attempted to retrace the drive from the campus to Station Road.

Early the next morning, as they departed in Josh’s car, the author tried to repress the awful feeling that Lilly had somehow become the twisted, dead-eyed figure depicted in the teeth.jpg image.

Their drive took them through the abandoned part of town that the author had found on his map. It looked like no one had lived there for decades. After searching house by house along Station Road, finding no trace of anyone, they grew frustrated to the point of rage.

Image Credit: Tennessee Photographer

On their way out of another crumbling, mold-infested house, Josh kicked the wall in frustration, shouting “Daniel! You sick fuck, where the hell are you!”

His kick tore a hole in what appeared to be a false front. The two tore away more of the thin covering, making a wide enough passage to reveal a small double door. The doors opened easily, revealing a short but steep staircase leading into impenetrable darkness.

Image Credit: iStock/Vincent Shane Hansen

The pair had flashlights and phone cameras ready… but nearly dropped them in terror when faced with the gruesome spectacle within.

First there was the smell, so intense it nearly caused them to faint on the spot: it was the metallic odor of blood, mixed with the putrid stench of rotting flesh… and something else they couldn’t identify.

Then their lights fell upon a familiar object on the floor: Lilly’s sweater. It was soaked with blood from the collar down.

Upon discovering this, Josh doubled over, vomiting, his body wracked with fear and revulsion, the retching sounds turning into choked screams. The author staggered, trying to regain his composure long enough to pull his friend out of the room and call the police… but he stopped cold when a single light bulb switched on, illuminating the room with a sickly red glow.

Josh was still screaming… and then the author saw why.


The red light faintly illuminated a crude surgical table of some kind. Their friend Lilly — or rather, what was left of her — was bound to the table with duct tape. One of her arms had been severed above the elbow and tossed haphazardly into a nearby tub. Her eyes had been carved out, the sockets filled with a thick, tar-like material.

But the greatest horror was what someone had done to Lilly’s mouth.

It had been partially filled with the same thick black substance as her eyes, and that goo was leaking from the corners onto the table. Her mouth was also crudely half-stitched into a grin, as if the “artist” had been interrupted while transforming Lilly’s face into the grotesque image they’d viewed on the computer screen earlier.

Image Credit: iStock/rusak

The realization must have driven Josh into shock, and he crumpled to the floor senseless. The author could only stare at Lilly’s mangled body in horror, paralyzed and wordless… and in the silence that followed, he heard a tiny sound. The sound of someone else moving in the shadows behind him.

Before he heard the voice, he already knew it was Daniel.

“I’m sorry you had to find out this way,” said the voice. “But it’s okay… it’s all for the sake of art.”

Image Credit: George Cairns

The author’s final paragraph is filled with anguish, despair and numbing horror, concluding with a short, shocking sentence:

“I could hear Lilly Choking.”