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It’s been one hell of a week, but the horror news keeps flooding in, and you need to know all about it. This week on the Horror News Rundown we’ve a look the remake of a horror-comedy classic, a sneak peak at the new version of an iconic monster, a major about face from an upcoming sequel, the unexpected return of a beloved horror video game and the latest evolution of THE WALKING DEAD.

Let’s start running!

Max Landis Will Write and Direct the AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON Remake

There aren’t a lot of horror classics that haven’t been remade, or at least that aren’t currently in the process, and that list officially got shorter this week. John Landis’s AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON will be remade by his own son, Max Landis, whose screenwriting credits include CHRONICLE, AMERICAN ULTRA and the BBC television series DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY. (Source: Deadline)

It would be difficult to overstate AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON’s importance in the horror movie pantheon. The 1981 film – which was about an American werewolf in the city of London (naturally) – won the first Academy Award for Best Makeup, which was awarded to Rick Baker for his innovative werewolf transformation effects. It was a deft combination of humor and pathos, a film that embraced the silliness of the horror genre while simultaneously embracing its human side.

Of course, every horror remake is a dicey proposition for fans of the genre, and Max Landis himself can be a polarizing figure for his controversial criticism of many geek properties, including STAR WARS and SUPERMAN. Max Landis has also only directed one other feature film so far, a surreal independent comedy called ME HIM HER, which was met with a mixed response.

Let’s all hope that the new AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON will be something to howl about.

Meet the New King of KONG: SKULL ISLAND

KONG: SKULL ISLAND Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The upcoming reboot of the KING KONG franchise, KONG: SKULL ISLAND, is only a few months away but Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. had been very coy about introducing the title behemoth. That changed this week with this first look at the new King Kong, who looks – no surprise here – like a giant ape, because that’s what King Kong is. (Source: EW)

Of course, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts doesn’t frame it that way. “Our Kong was intended to say, like, this isn’t just a big gorilla or a big monkey,” he told the publication. “This is something that is its own species. It has its own set of rules, so we can do what we want and we really wanted to pay homage to what came before… and yet do something completely different.”

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is also quick to add that his version of King Kong has brown fur instead of the previous versions, which skewed black. He also describes his version as “slightly more exaggerated” than Peter Jackson’s rendition of the monster from 2005, which was very much a silverback gorilla but much, much, MUCH larger.

Presumably we’ll get a even better look at this new King Kong when KONG: SKULL ISLAND debuts on March 10, 2017.

No, THE PREDATOR is Not Set in Suburbia

False alarm, folks. During last week’s revelation that Olivia Munn had been cast in Shane Black’s upcoming sequel THE PREDATOR, Hollywood Reporter had revealed that the new film – whose actual plot had heretofore been largely kept under wraps – was set in an an unusual location: suburbia. It was a bizarre news item, but we had reason to trust that director Shane Black knew what he was doing. After all, he co-starred in and did rewrites on the original PREDATOR.

And that means that we have reason to trust Shane Black again: the director of THE PREDATOR explained this week that no, the upcoming film does not take place in suburbia at all, and that audiences won’t see “Predator lurking in rich, fancy swimming pools.” (Source: Collider)

It begs the question, of course, as to how the original news story turned out so wrong. Maybe there’s a scene in the suburbs that caused confusion, or maybe somebody was just incredibly misinformed. Either way, our dreams of THE PREDATOR leaping from one station wagon to the next while hunting white collar commuters have officially been dashed.

The Original LEFT 4 DEAD Has a New Campaign

The 2008 cooperative survival shooter LEFT 4 DEAD was a groundbreaking video game, one that incorporated a seemingly intelligent “director” who changed the dynamic of the gameplay every time you ventured into its post-apocalyptic zombie environments. Glorious to play, exciting to share, it remains a watershed moment in the horror video game genre.

And even though it’s nearly ten years old, and even though there was already an acclaimed sequel, we just got a new level to LEFT 4 DEAD, courtesy of the game’s original developers Turtle Rock, whose project was eventually taken over by Valve. The level is called DAM IT, and finds the protagonists of the game working their way towards a hydroelectric dam by way of small airstrips, apple orchards and camping grounds. (Source: Kotaku)

The level, which was abandoned before the official release of the game and remains partially unfinished, can be downloaded right here. Happy hunting!

THE WALKING DEAD Arcade Game is Coming

Oh, how many of us long for the heyday of video game arcades, those communal experiences full of screaming gamers and flashing lights and loud music, where gimmicky cabinets offered adolescents enticing incentives to play one arcade shooter instead of the other. And although you may have a hard time finding such a place to play the new THE WALKING DEAD arcade game, the makers of the game seem eager to recreate that experience as best they can. (Source: Arcade Heroes)

THE WALKING DEAD arcade game features a crossbow controller, lighting effects, “Thrill-D” sound effects and it looks just plain retro. You can see the game in action in the debut trailer above, and play it for yourself when it’s released in January 2017!