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10 Fascinating Horror Movies You’ve Likely Never Seen

Looking for something new this weekend? Try one of the lesser-known horror films below. All of these films are fantastic, but for one reason or another never got the acclaim and attention they deserved. Make a weekend of it, and watch some rare and obscure horror!



This is a peculiar film that I would not recommend to a light horror film fan. But if you are into weird, experimental, sexual, psychedelic euro-trash horror, this one is right up your jugular. A criminal sees a body being buried in a garden just before he is arrested and sent to jail. Thirteen years later, he returns to the villa to blackmail money from the governess and two grown children who live there. This is a bizarre, groovy, and hallucinogenic murder mystery with some hefty gore.




80s slasher fan? You won’t want to miss this one! A group of young adults head into the forest for a camping trip and to examine a piece of land one of them has just inherited. They soon realize they are being hunted by a killer wielding a machete.


SLUGS (1988)


Arrow Video just released a gorgeous Blu-ray edition of this rather disregarded flick. I’ve met many horror fans who never saw this movie because…really, killer slugs? Yes, killer slugs! The film follows several residents of a small town during an outbreak of carnivorous slugs. It is fun, surprisingly well put together, and the effects are great!


FEAR (1990)


Ally Sheedy stars in this old Vestron title about a psychic who is able to mentally link with a serial killer. But while she is trying to gain clues as to his identity and possible victims, he is also watching her.




While working on a child murder case, a psychic and a detective follow a trail to several mummified kids at a local mortuary. But it turns out they are not actually kids, but rather ancient evil demons that are now awake and ready to do some damage. There is also a great zombie poodle.




A group of medical students play a game where they see who can create and commit a completely undetectable murder. This one has some flaws, for instance the characters are all incredibly horrible people from the very beginning so committing the act of murder is not a far throw. But it is still fascinating to see how the crimes are committed and how they discern the tactics used post mortem. Plus the effects are great!


SPLINTER (2008)(Cover Photo)


A couple of campers, some petty criminals, and a few locals are trapped in a gas station while being stalked by a strange parasite that takes over the host’s body after infecting it with small splinters.


EXAM (2009)


A group of job applicants, all competing for their dream job, are placed in a room together to take an exam. But the test is bizarre with dark twists, and they cannot leave or stop without forfeiting their entire careers.




This recent Spanish film should have gotten way more attention then it did. It focuses on a woman who is losing her eyesight due to a degenerative disease, all while racing to unravel her twin sister’s bizarre death.




A recently divorced woman moves into an apartment and begins receiving very strange phone calls from a woman claiming to be from another time period. Though she is highly skeptical of the calls and just assumes the caller is crazy, weird things begin to happen around her apartment and the phone calls become more threatening.