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Arach-NOPE-Phobia: The World Freaks Out Over This Enormous Huntsman Spider

The quaintly-named “Barnyard Betty’s Rescue” sounds like a wonderful place to visit for animal lovers. But I should warn you that it’s located in Queensland, Australia… and if you’ve been following our news feed, you probably know Australia is home to some of the most horrifying creatures on the planet (or any other planet, as far as we know), and it seems most Australians consider this a point of pride.

When the staff at Barnyard Betty’s posted Facebook photos of “Charlotte,” a massive huntsman spider discovered in Brisbane Valley, Queensland, they never imagined that the images would suddenly become a viral phenomenon — especially because the images were posted a full year ago. Such is the nature of viral fame: you never know when nightmare fuel like this is going to hit your news feed. Yay!

Image Credit: 9 News Perth
Image Credit: Barnyard Betty’s Rescue/Facebook

After most of the social media world recoiled in absolute horror, the rescue foundation took the opportunity to calm their fears (or at least they tried) about Charlotte, who has long since been released back into the wild.

“She was a beautiful, calm spider, not aggressive in any way,” they assured, “and like most spiders she just wanted to go about her business eating bugs and living in peace.”

The Huntsman Spider is known for its aggressive predatory behavior — but it rarely attacks humans, to whom its venom is non-lethal. It’s also not typically monstrous in size; most of them are less than three inches long. The perspective of the photo may cause Charlotte to look significantly larger than she is.

Barnyard Betty’s Rescue sees Charlotte’s viral fame as a great opportunity to raise awareness for their operation, and for animals in general.

“All creatures great and small are welcome here,” the post concludes, assuring that they offer “a safe haven no matter how you look.”


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