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Visitors to “” Encounter Unspeakable Horror… and Death

As of this writing, if you visit the URL, you will likely find a dead link (no pun intended)… but if the rumors are true, there’s a slim chance you might actually be able to access the site after all. The thing is, after I explain the story behind it, you’d probably want to avoid it at all costs.

Image Credit: Vladimir Floyd

The origins of the Blind Maiden site have long since been obscured over years of rumor and conjecture… but the most widely-circulated account, whose author remains unknown to this day, begins with the description of a cryptic gateway page promising users “The Ultimate Horror.” The same author claims the malevolent spirit of the title maiden is embedded in the code of the domain itself — and that merely accessing it will free that presence into the user’s home.

Image Credit: Ocus Focus

There’s apparently a trick to accessing the site: if you type into your web browser at any time other than the stroke of Midnight, you will likely discover the domain disabled. But there’s a catch: not only must it be accessed at precisely 12:00:00 am, but the user must be alone in their own home while doing so, and all lights in their home must be out.

Image Credit: Ocus Focus

To further complicate matters, the time zone in which the domain can reportedly be reached is constantly shifting; in other words, the odds of entering the site are still extremely slim. As I mentioned earlier, you should be grateful for this — as it tends to discourage all but the suicidally curious.

But when the right variables fall into place and you do manage to access… well, here’s what is supposedly waiting for you:

Image Credit: Maurice van der Velden

The site will first present a rapidly-changing montage of images — all of which depict young children, their faces contorted in screams of absolute terror… and every one of them has been violently blinded, with ragged and bloody holes where their eyes should be.

You will then be presented with the following onscreen text:

This website will take you to a whole new level of horror.


A horror that will use all five of your senses.


You must be very careful not to click on anything by accident.


You will be faced with a real experience of absolute horror.


Click the ACCEPT button to engage actively in the experience.

Below the text block are simple ACCEPT and DECLINE buttons. Shockingly, clicking on DECLINE will reveal an archive of grisly photos quite similar to those in the opening montage — all depicting blinded, mutilated and screaming human faces. The individuals in these images also appear to have been photographed at the very moment of death.

But that’s only if you hit DECLINE. Clicking ACCEPT allegedly leads to an even more horrific experience.

After accepting, the user will be presented with what appears to be a live webcam feed, in which a vague, indistinct but human-shaped silhouette moves toward the camera… but the approaching figure doesn’t stop when they reach the screen; instead, they seem to pass through it. The original author claims the user will then begin to sense the presence of someone in the darkness with them.


At this point, the screen will turn black, plunging the entire room into impenetrable darkness. In this cocoon of nothingness, you will suddenly feel a light tap on your shoulder. If this happens, you are sternly warned not to turn away from the screen.

Apparently, those who do turn to face the one who touched them will confront the spirit of the Blind Maiden herself — a face so horrifying that no human language could possibly describe it. The effect of gazing into the Maiden’s eyes will trigger an involuntary, uncontrollable scream.


It is said that only a mere few could prevent the sound from escaping their throat; even then, those people were driven incurably insane.

Image Credit: Feng Yu

If you do scream, the Blind Maiden will reach for you… and pluck out your eyes to replace her own.

According to the author, the gallery of gruesome, eyeless faces represent the Maiden’s many victims… and since that number reportedly continues to grow, it seems there are still quite a few daring souls who choose to ignore the warnings and access the site.

Image Credit: Vladimir Floyd

“If you are a thrill seeker,” the author concludes, “then you will love the last few moments of your life.”

Of course, it could just be another viral legend, one of the many thousands we document on these very pages… but are you willing to bet your life on it?