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Gregory Burkart on Scoring the Experimental Slasher MADE ME DO IT

I very seldom exploit my position as Senior Writer to talk about my work beyond the walls of Blumhouse… but I was recently invited to take part in a feature film project that I’m very stoked about, so I’d like to take a moment to give you a peek behind the scenes.

One of my former FEARnet colleagues, Benjamin Ironside Koppin, has been working on genre projects for many years (his long list of credits includes FEARnet original series DEAD NOISE and JOBS OF THE DAMNED). It’s no surprise that his feature debut as writer-producer-director would be a partial homage to the horror movies which inspired him — specifically, those originating in the Golden Age of slasher cinema. But it’s Ben’s unique and introspective spin on the genre’s mythology and tropes — combined with a surprising core of empathy — that makes MADE ME DO IT a shocking and emotionally shattering experience.


For my part, I was called upon to match Ben’s experimental, schizophrenic visual style (which combines digital video, 35mm and 8mm film stock, VHS and even hand-drawn animation) with an equally striking musical score — one where the lines between music and sound design are constantly blurred.


Ben’s promotional campaign for MADE ME DO IT includes a series of behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew — and I’m proud to have taken part in that process as well.

Here’s a little featurette featuring yours truly, demonstrating the often unorthodox techniques I employed to create those nightmarish soundscapes…

Be sure to visit the film’s official site for more webisodes, preview clips, trailers and info about the film’s pending release… and tell ’em Greg sent ya!